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Selfie - 2 MP
8.0 inches
Android 9.0 (Pie)

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£30 Off
Lenovo Tab M8 16GB - Iron Grey - Refurbished Excellent - Wi-Fi

Tab M8

16GB | Iron Grey | Wi-Fi | Refurbished Excellent
£30 Off
Lenovo Tab M8 32GB - Iron Grey - Refurbished Good - Wi-Fi

Tab M8

32GB | Iron Grey | Wi-Fi | Refurbished Good
£30 Off
Lenovo Tab M8 16GB - Iron Grey - Refurbished Pristine - Wi-Fi

Tab M8

16GB | Iron Grey | Wi-Fi | Refurbished Pristine

12 Month Warranty

Contract Free

Quality Guaranteed

30 Day Return

FREE Delivery

Tab M8 Reviews

About the Tab M8

 Is Lenovo a good make for a tablet?

Lenovo tablets, although not as popular as Apple and Samsung, are great powerhouses perfect for keeping the little ones entertained, completing work assignments and more. With bright and bold displays, varying screen sizes and immersive cinematic-like speakers, these affordable and reliable tablets are great for any need!

And at Envirofone, we have plenty stacked on our shelves waiting for you! No matter the colour option, storage size or edition you’re after… we have the perfect tablet waiting for you!


What are the features of the Lenovo Tab M8?

One of our favourite options from Lenovo is their M8 edition, which has a powerful processor which allows the tablet to run smoothly. A great option if you’re looking to boost your productivity, the Lenovo Tab M8 is all about practicality. With a battery life lasting around 12 hours, there’s no need to worry about your tablet giving up on you. And take it wherever you want with ease! Its slim and lightweight plastic back design is great for working on the go and the tablet's overall thin design makes it easy to store away in a bag or drawer to keep safe. Finally, the IPS LCD screen offers the best quality type in all environments, it’s perfect for low lighting, sunlight, and indoor and outdoor use.

We cannot recommend the Lenovo tab m8 4th gen enough! And there’s plenty in stock… take a look now!


More on Envirofone:

And we have even more Lenovo refurbished tech available on our website! If you are interested in refurbished tablets but not quite fixed on a Lenovo tablet, our Apple and Samsung tablets are great other choices! And if you’re looking for somewhere to trade in your tech, Envirofone Trade is just the place to be. We even accept damaged tech! Trade tech now!

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