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10.5 Inches
Android 9.0 (Pie)

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 64GB - Black - Unlocked - Fair - Wi-Fi + 4G

Galaxy Tab S5e

64GB | Black | Unlocked | Wi-Fi + 4G | Fair
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 64GB - Silver - Unlocked - Fair - Wi-Fi + 4G

Galaxy Tab S5e

64GB | Silver | Unlocked | Wi-Fi + 4G | Fair
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 128GB - Black - Unlocked - Refurbished Good - Wi-Fi + 4G

Galaxy Tab S5e

128GB | Black | Unlocked | Wi-Fi + 4G | Refurbished Good

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30 Day Return

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Galaxy Tab S5e Reviews

About the Galaxy Tab S5e

Is there a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5?

The Samsung Galaxy S5e is one of the more recent, up-to-date tablets available by Samsung. One of its benefits is its battery life, with fast charging of up to 18W and a battery capacity of 7040mAh. On Envirofone, this model is available in black, gold and silver and has been designed to be lighter and slimmer than other models whilst still offering premium features. Despite being well over 5 years old, the Galaxy Tab S5e is still up to date with all the best features making this model the ultimate powerhouse!

But another aspect which makes this device especially impressive is its screen and display. Let’s explore this S5 Samsung Galaxy more.


What type of display is the tab S5e?

  • Screen size – 10.5”
  • Display - Super AMOLED display
  • PPI - 288
  • Touchscreen – Yes

The super AMOLED display is perfect for anyone who is working on the go and needs a device that won’t give up on them mid-project or task. These types of displays consume less power whilst also providing better picture quality, therefore meaning your images will be improved whilst you work on your device for longer.


Is it a good idea to buy a refurbished one?

A refurbished product is something that has been returned by the customer, either because it is damaged or no longer wanted. Either way, it is then extensively checked, repaired if needed and then further tested to ensure the product is working like new. Due to the fact the product has once been owned, even if it’s completely perfect quality, it must now be sold as refurbished and at a slightly lower price. For more information on refurbished please see our Refurbished Guide.

At Envirofone, we don’t only sell refurbished phones and old Samsung phones, we also have refurbished tablets and refurbished iPads. Check them out now!


More on Envirofone:

Now you are up to date on our selection of refurbished phones and tablets at Envirofone. Why not check out our selection? We have plenty waiting for you from big brands like Apple and Google. Check out our touchscreen tablet selection and Samsung Galaxy refurbished now.

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