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£25 Off
Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen 64GB - Space Grey - Fair - Wi-Fi

iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen

64GB | Space Grey | Wi-Fi | Fair
£25 Off
Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen 64GB - Silver - Fair - Wi-Fi

iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen

64GB | Silver | Wi-Fi | Fair
£25 Off
Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen 64GB - Gold - Fair - Wi-Fi

iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen

64GB | Gold | Wi-Fi | Fair
£25 Off
Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen 64GB - Space Grey - Refurbished Good - Wi-Fi

iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen

64GB | Space Grey | Wi-Fi | Refurbished Good

12 Month Warranty

Contract Free

Quality Guaranteed

30 Day Return

FREE Delivery

iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen Reviews

About the iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen

Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen models

Searching for a new tablet that specialises in quick processing, has strong power and is overall fresher compared to the rest of the competition? Stop looking! Because we have just what you need with the Apple iPad Air. The iPad Air is great because generally, the models are a lot thinner, lighter, and easier to transport which is great for when you are on the go in a rush.

And the Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen especially, is a great choice. With plenty of storage, seamless connectivity and upgraded features, if it's fast load times and ample file storage that you’re after, this iPad Air is your calling! But you may be thinking, how long does an iPad Air 3rd generation last?


What is the display of the iPad Air 3?

The iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen model provides an IPS LCD screen that is great for strong quality in different lighting environments. If you are working in daylight, at night, indoors, outdoors or in any other setting you are guaranteed to have a perfect, crystal-clear screen. The 10.5” display also includes oleophobic coating, so any dust, oil or dirt that builds up on your screen from hours of use won't damage the device. And don’t worry about if you drop your device, as the scratch-resistant glass will leave your iPad looking brand new. One of the biggest positive features of this iPad besides the screen and display is the device's storage. So let’s look into this and some other features and specs further.


What are the features of the iPad Air 3?

  • Storage – The iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen model offers an impressive range of storage capacities. Choose between 64GB and a whopping 256GB along with 3GB of RAM.
  • Camera – This device has a 7MP front camera which is also used in the iPhone XS, a significant upgrade compared to the previous iPad’s camera. The 8-megapixel camera also offers HDR photos, panorama and burst mode. Plus the classic features like timer, tap to focus and photo geotagging.
  • Battery Life – Enjoy up to 10 hours of battery life with this device and up to 9 hours using a cellular data network.
  • Colours – Enjoy this model in the classic 3 colours, Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. 
  • Apple Pay - Yes
  • Touch ID – Yes
  • Supports Apple Pencil - Yes


What is better about our selection at Envirofone is that our Apple iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen options are all refurbished, meaning you get a high-quality product at a fraction of its actual price! So let’s take a look into what refurbished is and why it’s important.


What does refurbished technology mean?

It’s time to discover the magic of refurbished, a term that might sound new and you may have no idea what it means. The refurbished iPad Air-tech at Envirofone is tech that has been given a second life. It has been returned either for being damaged or unwanted, then undergoes careful testing, repairs, and checks to ensure top performance before it reaches your doorstep. When you choose Envirofone, you not only get quality but also a 12-month warranty for added peace of mind. Every product is graded from Fair to As New, showing its condition. We offer contract-free options, guaranteeing quality in every purchase. For a deeper dive into our refurbishing process, explore our Refurbished Guide.

(Anything can be refurbished, this includes the Apple Watch, refurbished Airpods and iPhone 13)



So, now you are up to date on the iPad Air 2019 3rd Gen and our other refurbished tech, it’s time to take a look at our selection available. If you aren’t interested in iPads like the iPad Air 256gb and iPad Air 1, we have many other tablets and plenty of other tech available in general like wearables and laptops.

When you buy a refurbished Apple iPad model from Envirofone, you're not just getting a great deal for your device, but you're also saving money. If you change your mind within 30 days, you can return it hassle-free. Elevate your tablet experience, save money, and make the smart choice! Shop our iPad Air refurbished selection now.

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