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Dual - 50 MP, 12 MP
Selfie - 10.8 MP
6.3 Inches
Android 13

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Google Pixel 7 128GB - Lemongrass - Refurbished Excellent

Pixel 7

128GB | Lemongrass | Refurbished Excellent
Google Pixel 7 128GB - Obsidian - Refurbished Pristine

Pixel 7

128GB | Obsidian | Refurbished Pristine

12 Month Warranty

Contract Free

Quality Guaranteed

30 Day Return

FREE Delivery

Pixel 7 Reviews

About the Pixel 7

Is a Google Pixel 7 worth it?

The Google Pixel 7 is a great choice for anyone who wants a new and improved device but doesn’t want to pay to expensive prices of the most recent Google Pixel phone. The Pixel 7 is a great pick for better battery life, faster charging speeds and a bigger display. And at Envirofone, you can choose between a selection of stunning colours like lemongrass, obsidian, and snow. Now you may be wondering what makes Google Pixel 7 special. Let’s take a look at its most impressive quality and feature, the camera.


Does Pixel 7 have a good camera?

The Pixel 6 gave users major upgrades when it came to the camera, with all new features being added and all new definitions and improved quality. When it comes to the Pixel 7, this model simply builds on these new features making them a lot more advanced.

With a dual camera set up on the back with super res for 2x zoom, this will overall make photo quality that much better, making your mobile phone photography look like a professional photoshoot. When it comes to the selfie camera, the Pixel 7 provides a 10.8MP with a 92.8-degree field of view. The Pixel 7 also has Motion Camera Mode and Action Pan, which are great for capturing fast-moving subjects by blurring the background.

We have plenty of refurbished Pixel 7 phones in our selection, but you are probably wondering what is refurbished. 


Does refurbished mean old?

Refurbished tech goes through thorough testing to become restored to their full working order, so they are usually as good as new. At Envirofone, we carefully grade each refurbished item between Fair and As New so you know the exact condition of your product before it turns up on your door. For further details on our refurbished products, please see our refurbished guide. 


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