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Triple 48MP 8MP 16MP
Selfie - Motorized pop-up 16 M
Dual-LED dual-tone flash
6.67 inches

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OnePlus 7 Pro 5G 256GB - Nebula Blue - Unlocked - Refurbished Good

7 Pro 5G

256GB | Nebula Blue | Unlocked | Refurbished Good

12 Month Warranty

Contract Free

Quality Guaranteed

30 Day Return

FREE Delivery

7 Pro 5G Reviews

About the 7 Pro 5G

Does 7 Pro have 5G?

The OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is the perfect tech companion for its price. Although not the cheapest phone in the world, it is certainly a much better price than lots of current mobile phones and it definitely works just as well… if not better! Like the name says, the 7 Pro 5G is a 5g phone and has 5G modem and antennas, which means it is much simpler to connect to the network and maintain a higher output.

Besides this tech fact, the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is best known for its wide screen size of 6.6” and it’s QHD (Quad High Definition) quality display. In terms of the phones display quality, the QHD display is a huge improvement compared to the previous FHD screen choice because image quality is now a lot sharper and detailed.


Does OnePlus 7 Pro have a good camera?

  • Triple camera
  • Wide lens – 48MP
  • Telephoto lens – 8MP
  • Ultrawide lens – 16MP
  • Video – 1080p@30/60fps
  • Features – Dual-LED, dual-tone flash, panorama, HDR

One of the most impressive features of the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G and other oneplus mobile phones has to be the phones HDR rendering feature, which allows the detail in the image to be preserved whereas usually it will be lost which can happen due to limiting contrast ratios. In simple terms, your photography will appear much more professional and appear a much better quality.


Are refurbished phones good to buy?

Refurbished tech is a product that has been returned to store (either because it is unwanted or damaged) and is then repurposed to make sure the condition and working state of the product is Like New. Because the product is now classed as second hand has it have been shipped out to someone previously, it can no longer be considered Brand New, thus being labelled as Refurbished. Again, because the product is no longer brand new, it can no longer be sold at original pricing, meaning the high-quality device is then sold for a lesser price.

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At Envirofone, we carefully check, test and grade each product so you now the exact condition that your device will show up in before it reaches your home. For further information, please see our Refurbished Guide.


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Not seen exactly what you are looking for? That’s fine as we have plenty more refurbished smartphones on our website besides oneplus mobile phones. From Apple to Samsung, and even top tech like tablets and laptops, we have it all waiting for you! And we have a lot of other 5g mobile phones, take a look now at our oneplus phone deals.

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