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Old phone to new phone: Transferring data and numbers

Envirofone news | by Denise Timmis | Feb 18, 2022

Old phone to new phone: Transferring data and numbers

So, you've got a shiny new smartphone but you're reluctant to start everything from scratch. Transferring your contacts and data should be easy enough, but there's a voice in the back of your head saying this might not be all that simple…

Forget the bad phone experiences of the past – here's everything you need to know about getting your contacts, pics, videos, apps and everything else from one phone to another.


Transferring your data

The process of shifting stuff from one handset to another isn't the same across all manufacturers, but that doesn't necessarily make it any more difficult to do so. Here's a make-by-make lowdown on how to swap files.


If you've got a new HTC smartphone, click on to Settings > Transfer content. Then all you need do is head to the HTC Transfer site, click on the type of phone you're migrating from, and follow the instructions.

iPhone users have to download the HTC Sync Manager programme on their PC to convert and transfer their backed-up library of files, Android users use the HTC Transfer Tool (opened on both devices to allow transfer), while Windows and Blackberry phone users can use simple Bluetooth pairing.


Quick and easy, transferring to a slick new Sony is a doddle. To transfer from an Android phone, simply download and open the Sony Xperia Transfer Mobile app on both your new handset and your old one – you can find the app in the Play Store. Turn on near field communication (NFC) on both phones, open the app and select ‘Android’ before pairing the devices. Once you’ve set your new phone to ‘receive’, press 'get started' and follow the instructions to transfer your files wirelessly.

For iPhones, you'll need to download the app on both phones, but this time select iOS device. You can either transfer your files directly using a USB OTG cable, or through iCloud backup (by simply signing in). Once the phones are paired, click through the instructions. Apps won’t be transferred across, but you’ll be shown a list of Android alternatives to download on your new phone.

Those upgrading from a Windows phone can also benefit from the Xperia Transfer App, but will need an Xperia Transfer Cable to move files over.


To get your files onto a Motorola, download the Migrate app on both your old and new handset. You can then highlight the files you’d like to transfer, scan a QR code on the old phone and enjoy a fuss-free wireless transfer.


Life really is good with the LG Backup app – you can transfer via cable, backup or, if you have a new G3 or G3S, Wi-Fi. Whatever the phone, it's easy!


For new Samsung smartphones, download the Smart Switch app on both phones and follow the instructions. You can transfer the content from your old phone directly to your new phone either wirelessly or via USB cable, or by backing up your data to a PC and transferring via cable.


This manufacturer's Device Switch site makes transferring an easy task for Blackberry owners. Just open the site on your new phone, connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network, and click 'transfer' – it's the same process for all devices.


New with iOS 9, Apple's Move to iOS app ensures a quick transfer. Just download it on both phones and follow the instructions to send your data, contacts and apps via Wi-Fi.


How to transfer your mobile number

If you're changing provider as well as phone, it makes sense to keep your old number. Thankfully, this process is very straightforward:

  • Sign up to your new provider.
  • Call your current provider and ask for a mobile Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) – you'll receive it there and then over the call, or within two hours by text. Your old contract will either cancel soon after, or revert to a pay-as-you-go plan, putting the responsibility on you to cancel it.
  • Contact your new provider and give them the PAC number (they last for 30 days) and schedule the switchover – usually the next working day, or the following Tuesday if requested on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • Check your phone to see if it all works, and contact the new provider if it doesn't.



Getting a new phone or plan set-up isn't as hard has it once was. With the above you should be ready and set to enjoy an exciting new phone, headache-free! And we have plenty of phones available on our website, from Apple to Android, we have it all!

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