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When is the Apple Madness Sale?

We are sure that many of you Apple fans are wondering when the next Apple sale is coming up? And it’s coming soon! Our Apple Madness Sale is going to kick off from the 23rd of September until the end of the 30th of September. Giving you a massive number of sales and offers on all of your favourite Apple products.

What will be on offer?

If you are unfamiliar with our services, it is important to know that we sell a great variety of refurbished Apple devices. And other devices and electronics too if you prefer other brands. We have a number of reconditioned iPhones. Ranging from the more recent iPhone 15, all of the way to the iPhone 8.

Refurbished iPhones are just one fraction of what we have to offer when it comes to Apple products too. Across our website you can also find a series of refurbished iPads and a number of high quality and cheap Apple MacBooks for the easiest online activity. And even some Apple Watches that are perfect for fast and easy connectivity to your phone and the internet.

Why Choose Refurbished?

As mentioned before, we are masters in refurbished technology. But what does that involve? Every device we have on offer has been expertly cleaned, tuned and made perfect by our team of experienced technicians. Every single device must pass our strict 100-point quality control checklist. If it does not pass, it is not sent out.

By choosing a refurbished product, you are saving yourself quite a bit of money on a device that works like it is new. The only difference that you may notice is the level of cosmetic quality. And you can easily check this by inspecting the associated product condition.

That’s not all. By going with a refurb, you are helping us to achieve our environmental aims. We want to prevent as many devices as possible from going to rot on a landfill site and causing potential harm. That is why we recycle or refurbish every product we receive.

Buy with Confidence

Our amazing offers aren’t the only thing you are getting with our products and services. Every item you see has a 12-month warranty included as a standard. Your device is completely covered, no questions asked. And if you change your mind, though we doubt you will, our 30-day cooling off period will allow you to return your device.

There is nothing better than receiving your purchase as soon as possible. And with Envirofone, you will. If you order before 4pm, your item will be sent out on a same day dispatch.

Can’t wait any longer?

We understand that many of you cannot wait for the next big sale. Though we have many upcoming, you can find some cheeky deals available right now in our offers page!

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Sorry, our offer is not yet live, but you can see what other products we have available on our shop.

Refurbished Phones

Why Buy Refurbished Mobiles with Envirofone?

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Who are we?

Envirofone is all about giving customers the best value and helping the environment at the same time. For 10 years we’ve been buying gadgets from customers across Europe and now, through Envirofone Shop, we aim to give customers even more value by offering premium 'quality guaranteed' products at a fraction of a 'brand new' price!

iPhone, charger and headphones

Our Products

At Envirofone Shop we offer ‘quality guaranteed’ gadgets at a fraction of the price. We ensure quality by putting our phones and tablets through a full diagnostic and visual check. We don’t just send you a phone or tablet, we also include: A personalised box and USB cable. See our product suggestions if you need some help on which phone or tablet to buy.

Phone warranty


We offer a 12 month warranty on all phones and tablets purchased via the website. This means you’ll have peace of mind when buying from us!

Delivery van


We provide free delivery on all our Phones, Tablets and Tech. Order before 4pm for same day dispatch. For information on delivery times, please visit our FAQ page.

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