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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 512GB - Phantom Black - Refurbished Excellent

Galaxy Z Fold 5

512GB | Phantom Black | Refurbished Excellent
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 512GB - Cream - Refurbished Pristine

Galaxy Z Fold 5

512GB | Cream | Refurbished Pristine

12 Month Warranty

Contract Free

Quality Guaranteed

30 Day Return

FREE Delivery

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Reviews

About the Galaxy Z Fold 5

What is the point of the galaxy fold?

Fold Phones are still relatively new when it comes to the world of smartphones and tech, so you may be questioning what is the benefit of Samsung fold phone? Similar to Samsung Flip Phone Series the Fold Phone is a normal smartphone with around a 6.2” screen size which performs like any other smartphone. However, it folds open to expose a 7” tablet flexible design meaning you get a tablet and a smartphone in one!

And if you are looking to boost productivity whilst in the office or at home the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is just what you need! Perfect for multitasking because separate screens can be managed at once and if you’re struggling to see your workload on the original screen, simply fold it out to reveal your tablet screen!


Is Samsung Z Fold 5 worth buying?

Focussing on the Galaxy Z Fold 5, this device is definitely one of Samsungs more pricier products, however the impressive features on this model certainly make up for the price. Like we mentioned, the phone delivers a superior experience that is perfect for multitasking and boosting productivity. With a long battery life of just under 20 hours when in tablet mode, spend your day answering important calls, joining meetings, and completing your tasks without the fear of your phone cutting out on you. And considering the fact the phone more of less runs on two screens, an average of 20 hours battery life is impressive!

The Samsung Fold also offers a Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity Flex Display which provides stunning picture quality, vibrant colours and extremely responsive screen sensitivity which again is ideal for maximising your productivity.

But if you are interested in these samsung refurbished phones for photography reasons besides productivity reasons, we have you covered too! The camera is especially great for portrait mode helping to create a professional-like quality imagery. But don’t take our word for it… check it our yourself!


More on Envirofone:

We have many galaxy z fold 5 deals and Samsung Flip options available on our website waiting for you, but if you prefer the classic smartphone design no need to worry! We have iPhones, Pixels, classic Samsung Galaxy phones and much more! But if you are considering a new tablet we have lots available in our collection. Don’t miss out!

And if you do want to order and are unsure what to do with your old tech, sell samsung galaxy phone now! It’s simple, we even accept damaged phones.

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