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Essential Smartphone Tips for Festival-Goers

Phone advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Jun 21, 2024

Essential Smartphone Tips for Festival-Goers

Festival season is finally upon us. And it is time to spend your weekdays and evenings listening to your favourite music by the best artists, with your best friends out in the summer heat. With all the excitement of a festival, it can be easy to forget about what problems can occur when it comes to it. We are here to take you through some of the most common festival mistakes with some top smartphone tips to help solve all your problems.

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Keep phone charged:

Spending all day standing in the sunshine with your friends, listening to your favourite artists and capturing all the memories on your smartphone can be very draining for your little tech device. And with very few charging points available at festivals, it can be very difficult to keep the battery life on your phone high. But there are a couple of tricks you can do to make your battery last that extra bit longer.

  • Dim your brightness – Screen brightness is one of the fastest battery drainers for your smartphone. You rarely use your phone whilst out at festivals, so simply keep the brightness low to avoid fast drainage.
  • Turn off data – Getting pointless notifications whilst you are out another quick way to lose battery life. If you turn your data off, you can still capture your memories on your phone without wasting your data.
  • Low power mode – This reduces the amount of power your phone uses when the battery gets low, it’s simple to turn on and off so if you’re not a fan, it’s no problem!
  • Portable chargers – With very few charging points at festivals, a portable charger is exactly what you need to give your phone that extra boost during the day. Just make sure you charge the battery charger for the phone before you set off on your adventure! You can even get a solar battery charger for your phone, so you don’t need electricity to charge it up.


Don’t get lost:

It can also be very easy to lose your friends whilst you are at a festival. With hundreds and thousands of people hurrying past you to see their favourite artists, it can be very simple to get lost or turn the wrong way. And a phone call can be very difficult to have when at a festival, so what do you do if you get separated?

  • Download festival maps – Many festivals offer a map of their venues which can be downloaded to your device. Ensure this is done before heading to the festival so you have clear directions to follow if you get lost.
  • Screenshot your location into your camera roll – On maps, zoom out to the area you are in and screenshot to keep in your camera roll. If you end up having no service, at least you have a map to refer to if you end up getting lost.
  • Drop a pin on maps – Losing your car or your tent can be chaotic at a festival. But with this simple trick never lose your base again. When you are at your desired location, drop a pin onto the Google Maps trip planner which will help you allocate where to travel to if you find yourself venturing the wrong way.
  • Find your friends app – The free app that is perfect for any large group activity. This app will tell you 24/7 where your friends are which is perfect if you end up splitting up and have trouble reconnecting.


Losing your phone:

And whilst losing your friends can be chaotic at a festival, losing a phone is possibly the worst situation going. With no service, loud music and battery-draining conditions it can almost be impossible to recover a lost phone. And whilst the chances are slim, we do have some top tips you could try to at least make your phone more recognisable if lost.

  • Suitable phone case – Opt for a phone case that is festival-approved, one with a strap or pop socket to hold onto or even a case that clips onto your bag or clothing so it can’t leave your side. A phone case with a unique colour or design is a great choice too, you may be able to spot that neon blue phone case on the ground if you happen to drop your phone.
  • Set a unique wallpaper – If you do drop your phone, having a unique wallpaper is a great way to differentiate which phone is yours. Have a very specific wallpaper set so if an announcement is made that a phone with a purple, glittery hamburger wallpaper has been discovered, you know exactly who it belongs to!


Photography hints:

So you’ve finally got home without losing a single friend, phone in hand and a bunch of memories captured on your camera roll. You go to start watching back your favourite artist on your phone but realise all your images and videos are blurry. Here's how to avoid that.

  • Exposure – Whilst taking your photos and videos or even afterwards when editing, drag the exposure down. This makes your photo darker increasing your depth of field and making your photo look better especially in dark photos, as the colours will pop!
  • Live photos – Live photos capture a couple of seconds of video within a photo which can be viewed. You then can change the set frame of the live photo so if you are blinking in the initial image, this can quickly be sorted.
  • Check out Envirofone – At Envirofone, we have many of the top smartphones available at a fraction of their original price. And even better, our blog on the top smartphone cameras is a great way to get inspiration for your next smartphone!

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We don’t only offer smartphones on our website, we have other tech great for festivals, never forget the time with a smartwatch, keep yourself entertained in your tent with a tablet or block out the sound with some earphones. Either way, we have it waiting for you on Envirofone, so don’t waste another second. Check out what we have available now!

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