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How Technology Impacts Our Daily Lives

Lifestyle | by Charlotte Bolton | Feb 19, 2024

How Technology Impacts Our Daily Lives

In 2023, 98% of adults aged 16-24 had a smartphone in the UK. 86% owned a smartphone between ages 55-64 and 80% owned a smartphone over the age of 65. On a worldwide scale, around 1340 million phones were brought in 2023 and year on year the number of users on the internet grew too, in 2022 it was 5 billion users, one year later it was 5.3 billion users.

As you can see it’s very clear how much technology impacts our lives and how often we use it every day, it’s also very clear technology shows no signs of slowing down and is only getting more and more powerful. Just think how many times you think to Google something, can you go 1 hour without picking your phone up? What about at work? At school? How many aspects of your education and career are based around tech?

We are here to dive further into how important tech is, discussing how often we use it day to day and what our dependence of it could mean for our future. Let’s get into it!

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How is technology used in everyday life?

To begin with, let’s explore just how often the online and virtual world is used in our day to day life and why it is a positive for interacting, learning, and growing as humans. Some of the main ways technology plays a main role in our lives is through the way we communicate, work, learn and keep entertained.

Communication especially is a huge factor in human life and one of the most important skills we need, and technology has taken this and revolutionised it into a completely new factor. We now use technology to do almost all of our communication, whether that’s texting friends to see if they are free, emailing your boss to let them know you’re running late, booking job interviews, or calling family members on the other side of the city, it’s a crucial part of the way we live.

Technology has allowed us to interact with not only the people we are close to but people all over the world. It’s great for learning about what people are up to, getting updates on recent worldwide news and even making friends globally. If you travel across the world and meet new friends, you can now keep in contact forever through the use of social media and technology, something that would have never been dreamt of before.

And all it takes is those mini smartphone devices that rest in our hand. Explore all places around the world in one tap. And although this is so amazing, sometimes there can be downsides when it comes to our dependence on tech which we can’t ignore. Let’s have a look what some of these are.

More ways tech is used daily:

  • Telling the time – Digital clocks, clocks on mobile phones.
  • Cooking – At-home cooking appliances like air fryers, blenders and microwaves.
  • Transport – Uber app to book taxis, and self-driving cars.
  • Shopping – Online shopping through ads, and AR apps to view products before buying them.
  • Healthcare – Remote appointments through phone calls, email, and video chats.


What are the pros and cons of using it?

Pros: Cons:
  • Easier to connect with people
  • Great for entertainment, news, and learning.
  • Can improve knowledge not just in the classroom.
  • Can simplify our lives.
  • Can access the wrong information
  • Cyberbullying
  • Job losses
  • Tech addiction.


What are the disadvantages of technology?

Although technology simplifies our lives in the best ways, this can also be a downfall. With the amount we rely on tech, there are a lot of jobs and responsibilities we can now hand over to our computer companions, with lots of jobs being replaced like data entry clerks, computer programmers, customer service and more as they can now all be done online.

Another big negative factor is also the way we get affected mentally. The world of social media is another huge topic in itself and although an amazing place where you can make friends, learn, and even get jobs like social media manager jobs, social media assistant and social media executive, it’s negatives are unimaginable. Social media specifically can lead to jealousy of other people, comparison over other people's lives and depression from the constant comparison. Just think how many times you have compared yourself to your favourite celebrity.

Technology can negatively impact us mentally but also physically. With no restriction on the amount of time we spend online, this can lead to a lack of sleep and mixed-up sleep patterns which is bad for our health overall.



But overall, technology has helped to advance our lives in ways we never expected, and yes there is always a negative side but in comparison, there are so many amazing benefits that make our lives so much better. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for tech, as AI and AR have been rapidly growing recently, how could this be incorporated even more into our daily lives? And if you are still convinced that technology isn’t a huge part of our lives, just think what you are using to read this blog right now…

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So now you are up to date on the world of technology and how important it is in our lives, why not enhance your life even more and take a look at our selection of tech on our website. We have plenty available from tablets to laptops to smartphones. Check it out now!

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