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MariOMG! That old game gathering dust in your attic could be worth millions

Tech advice | by Denise Timmis | May 16, 2024

MariOMG! That old game gathering dust in your attic could be worth millions

Are any old video games worth money?

If you're a gamer, there's a strong chance you've got old games, consoles and controllers tucked away somewhere. It's definitely worth checking those cupboards and crannies, because gaming has never been so popular. Retro games and gadgets are rocketing in value right now.

Think of neglected gaming gear as Princess Peach, in need of rescuing for your bank balance's sake.

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What is the original Mario game worth?

Incredible but true. A copy of the first-ever Super Mario Brothers game from 1985 recently sold at auction for a whopping $2 million. That's slightly less in pounds sterling of course, but still enough to fund a rock 'n' roll lifestyle for quite a while.

Not many vintage games are worth millions, that's true. But as the table featured here shows, lots are selling for sizeable sums. A 2012 vintage Super Mario Bros 2 recently went for just under £35,000. That's quite a premium when the average game retails at £34.17.

Mario Games

You may not be lucky enough to find a million-dollar Mario at the back of a closet, but even technology you were using last week can be cashed-in. BUt it isnt just the mario franchise mushroom kingdom that will sell big! The average second-hand game is worth around £13 according to Price Charting, and a game controller can be sold for between £5 and £8 with us at Envirofone. Wouldn't you rather have that money in your pocket than collecting cobwebs somewhere dark and dusty? Turning unwanted items into cash is an effortless way to boost your budget, especially with Christmas on the way.


What does Envirofone do?

At Envirofone, we don't deal in games. But we do buy, recycle, refurbish and resell technology of all kinds. You can sell or buy Xbox, PS5 and Nintendo controllers as well as phones, tablets and consoles with us. We know more than most about the market, so here's our expert guide to turning Pokémon into pounds, Call of Duty into cash and Mario into moolah. Tech trade in now!

Peter Jenkinson, founder at Toyology has shared advice when it comes to finding treasures amongst your own gaming collection. 

Peter’s 10 tips to get top value for retro games and old gadgets 

  1. Keep the packaging, instructions and wires - Once anything is opened depreciation is initiated. Unopened games in their original packaging will fetch the most money, opened ones, in decent condition can still sell, just for lower amounts.  The most serious investors generally buy two, one for fun and the other for investment. You’ll need space to store of course but the rewards are there to be reaped. 
  2. Retro games are in demand – There’s currently a huge demand for nostalgic items and retro games - the rarer the better. The kidult market is booming right now, that’s grown-ups buying for themselves or other adults. You can see from the research we’ve done that games from the 80s and 90s rank higher up the table of most expensive Mario games ever sold. 
  3. Consider demand -  Demand will be high on the initial release of any game however, demand will then die down for a while. It could be worth considering holding onto some games as an investment. Availability vs. demand will always contribute to the value of a game or console. 
  4. Seasonality and selling - In addition, think about seasonality, many people will look to buy second-hand games and consoles in the run-up to Christmas.  
  5. Make use of trade-in sites like Envirofone – Taking the hassle out of selling consoles of gadgets is possible by using specialist businesses like Envirofone. You can buy and sell items with just a few clicks of a button on their site. 
  6. Take care of your consoles – Though it may be tempting to throw your controller across the room after losing, it’s important to take care of your gadgets and games. The fewer scratches and damages, the more you are likely to make from a sale. 
  7. Store high, store safe, just store – It is too easy to leave your kit on the floor or teetering on the edge of a desk or table after play. Please stick it in a box or have a safe haven for your gaming consoles and accessories, even if it is just a plastic box. This way you’ll know where everything is next time you game and reduce the chances of scratches, spills and interested animals. 
  8. Join the crew – There are plenty of social sites devoted to collecting and investing, join up and have a banter. You don’t need to tell them how handsome your haul is, but you could glean interesting information from others and get insights into what’s looking hot as the next big thing to invest in. 
  9. Serial numbers and special editions – It might well sound obvious, but some people don’t even check serial numbers on games. Back in the retro days, these were vastly more important, be sure to check anything pre-2000 against online listings. Also, there were many special edition issues of games, some in triple packs, some limited editions (which means very little in modern games) and even made-to-order cartridges that have huge value. 
  10. Research, research, research – If you love collecting (and making a few quid) then research will be second nature, if it isn’t, make it so. The more sources you check the better you’re placed to command the best prices." 



So remember to hold onto that nintendo switch, as in the future it could be a classic game console thats worth more than you ever expected. Ready to find out more? You'll find full details of how easy Envirofone makes it to turn old tech into fresh cash. Maybe you can put your first wedge towards the exciting new Super Mario Odyssey game, released this Autumn.

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