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Recycle Week 2023: What Items Can You Recycle?

Envirofone news | by Charlotte Bolton | Oct 16, 2023

Recycle Week 2023: What Items Can You Recycle?

This year, the 20th annual National Recycling Week will take place on the 16th-22nd of October 2023. You might be thinking, what is the theme for Recycle Week 2023? The theme this year will be ‘The Big Recycling Hunt’, focussing on a week of action bringing the nation together to recycle more of the right things more often. But sometimes, it can be hard to know what can and can’t be recycled.

So in this blog, we decided to take a look at what can be recycled to help others become more aware of their impact on the environment in the future.





What is National Recycling Week?

Before we look into what we can do to celebrate National Recycling Week, it’s important to understand what the week is, and what its purpose is. National Recycling Week encourages others to recycle more through campaigns and partnerships. Big brands, waste management companies, trade associations and the media come together to achieve one main goal which is to motivate the public to recycle more, and to be more conscious of their recycling choices.


Benefits of recycling:

  • Saves energy.
  • Saves money.
  • Reduces carbon emissions.
  • Protects our wildlife.
  • Conserves natural resources.
  • Reduces waste.
  • Prevents pollution.
  • Produces economic benefits.


What items can be recycled other than going to waste?

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what can and can’t be recycled. There are many materials like paper, cardboard, and glass which we know can be recycled. But did you know that isn’t all? There is much more you can recycle from your home, take a look at our list below of 8 products you never knew could be recycled:


1- Batteries:

Batteries, specifically rechargeable batteries, are a valuable source of recyclable metal, that is still valuable even when the battery is dead. Some authorities may not accept battery recycling at local centres as they can sometimes be hazardous, however, local supermarkets may offer battery collection points, perfect places to take your old batteries to recycle and give them a new life!


2- Lightbulbs:

Specifically energy-saving lightbulbs, these little bulbs are great for the environment and great for recycling. Although these are safe in your recycling bin at home, to avoid the glass smashing in your bin, take them to a local recycling centre or a supermarket recycling collection point for extra safety.


3- Foil:

Did you know that aluminium foil is one of the most thrown-away recyclable materials out there? But as long as you clean away any food waste beforehand, it is completely fine to recycle. Some local authorities aren’t equipped to process this material, however, so make sure to check with them before you throw it into your recycling bin.


4- DVDs/CDs:

In the present day, with everything being streamed or available online, buying DVDs and CDs has become a thing of the past. You may have plenty of discs stacked up in your home with no use, or you may have damaged discs with no clue where to store them. Take these old products to local recycling centres or if you want them to have a new life, as long as they work, why not give them to a charity shop?


5- Carpet:

Carpet is difficult to break down due to its rigid fibres, so therefore it is not recommended to put carpet into your normal rubbish bin. Not only this, but carpet also takes up a lot of space and is a waste to throw away. Lots of authorities accept carpets to be recycled and sometimes, where you originally bought the carpet from these places accept the old carpet as recycling material to reuse.


6- Glasses:

Due to their aluminium frames and glass lenses, eyeglasses are completely recyclable materials. This means that they can be thrown in with your recycling. However, to avoid the glass breaking, we recommend taking them to a proper recycling collection point.


7- Steel Cans:

Steel cans are made from material that is widely used within other products and has endless use, meaning they are great recyclable sources! So next time, make sure to throw your steel cans in the recycling bin when you have one!


8- Tech/Mobile Phones:

Another recycling material that is unknown by many is tech like mobiles and tablets. Most tech contains silver, which can be extracted and reused again. These materials can be taken from an old mobile phone and used to create another. However, we don’t recommend throwing your phone in with your recycling materials. Lots of online companies like Envirofone offer a Trade-In scheme, where you can trade in your old tech, broken or perfectly fine, and even better… you get paid for it too!

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How Envirofone contribute to National Recycling Week?

At Envirofone, offer a Trade-In option where you can send us your old phone, broken or brand new, to be recycled, reused, and repurposed into a new mobile device. And the best part? Once we’ve received your device, you’ll get cash in return! Recycle your phone with Envirofone now and make money back.

But haven’t got an old mobile phone lying around? We also accept tech. Whether its an old laptop, tablet, gaming console or even gaming controller you have lying about, we will take it off your hands!


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It's simple to send your phone to Envirofone:

  1. Search for your phone on our Trade In page and get an instant quote.
  2. Fill in our simple form and tell us how you want to be paid.
  3. Once your Enviropack has arrived with a box label, send your device to us.
  4. Once your device has been tested by us, your payment will be processed through either Bank Transfer, Envirocash or Envirocharity.





As we celebrate Recycle Week 2023 in the UK, it's crucial to remember that recycling goes beyond paper and plastic. Don't forget to recycle old mobile phones responsibly, contributing to a sustainable future. Envirofone offers a secure and profitable way to dispose of old mobile phones while doing your part for the environment.

Join the recycling movement and make a positive impact – head to Envirofone Trade and start making money for your old mobiles now!

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