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The biggest iPhone hacks according to TikTok

Tech advice | by Denise Timmis | Jul 06, 2023

The biggest iPhone hacks according to TikTok

With Google searches for "iPhone tricks 2023" skyrocketing by 1,600% in the last 12 months and over 5 billion views under the #iPhoneHack hashtag on TikTok, we thought now was a good time to explore the top iPhone hacks from the platform. 

So whether you’re new to iPhones or just fancy finding some hidden hacks, from moving apps seamlessly to secret keyboard tricks, read on to find out some of the biggest iPhone hacks according to TikTok.

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The biggest iPhone hacks according to TikTok 


1. Moving Apps On Your Home Screen - 717.8k likes

Moving your apps around on your lock screen is often a tedious task. TikTok creator ActuallyItsBella shared a more effective way to do this. All you need to do is hold down on one app and then tap on all the other apps that you want to move. Then just move the apps to the desired place on your home screen and drop the apps.


2. Keyboard Cursor - 265.1k likes

iPhone keyboards have some secret features that some users may not know about, creator Faisal showed his TikTok followers some useful keyboard hacks. If you tap and hold down the space bar on the keyboard you can move the cursor around to make any edits to your text easily. To do this more precisely Faisal recommends holding two fingers down on the screen to easily move the cursor. 


3. Limit Noisy Calls - 150.9k likes

If you’re in a noisy place but want to answer a phone call, TikTok creator Aakaanksh advises that once you’ve answered the call, swipe down on your screen and click Mic Mode > Voice Isolation. This is going to reduce the background noise and make your voice louder than the background noise making you sound clearer. 


4. Remove Background From iPhone Pictures - 135.5k likes

If you want to remove backgrounds from a bulk amount of pictures in one go, TikTok user LaChief has the ultimate hack for you. All you need to do is go to your camera roll and select the photos you want to remove the background from, tap on the share button and save to files. Now go to your files and select all the pictures that you just saved there, tap on the 3 dots button and press the remove background option. You will then see your pictures saved without a background.


5. Back Tap Hidden Feature - 110.9k likes

Many users might think the Apple logo at the back of their mobile is just for aesthetic purposes but it can actually be turned into a secret button. To enable the feature go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap. You can then pick between double tap or triple tap to activate a shortcut. TikTok user EllyAwesome received over 110k likes on the tutorial where they used the double-tap feature to start Shazam. You can use the back tap feature as a shortcut to features such as taking a screenshot, turning on your torch, lock screen, Siri and more. 


6. Improve Camera Quality - 73.2k likes

You might find that your camera quality doesn’t always look the best when recording and taking videos, even though you have the latest model. TikTok creator Bri showed users a hack to improve the quality by going to your Settings > Camera > Record Video > Click 1080 at 60 fps > Turn off HDR video. This hack will improve your camera quality and allow for clear and crisp videos.


7. Shake To Undo - 22.1k likes

TikTok creators Eugoson Quorch and Eric Okafor share another handy iPhone hack. Head to your iPhone settings and search for “shake to undo”, which is under the touch section. Once enabled this feature when you shake your iPhone will undo an action. For example, if you delete a photo by mistake simply shake your iPhone to undo it.


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