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The Top Digital Learning Apps For Students

Tech advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Sep 18, 2023

The Top Digital Learning Apps For Students

With the return of back to school, it's time to get back to learning, growth and discovery. But in today’s digital world, learning is no longer confined to the classroom. Virtual learning has taken off massively within recent years, with hundreds of educational apps emerging in the app store. But with so many to choose from, you might be thinking… which one is the best and most effective?

In this blog, we have compiled a list of our top choices for the best apps to help with academic learning. From the best study apps to the best language apps, we have something for everyone perfect for you to start your academic year off strong!


Best study apps:

Study apps can be very effective for learning. With virtual games competing against online communities, study apps are great for keeping users engaged and motivated to learn. As well as this, they make learning easier, as long as you have your phone and some connection, learn on the go all the time!

  • EdPlace - Aligns your schoolwork and exam boards so users can learn, practise and test for upcoming exams. Interactive activities, video tutorials and practice exams are all available on this free app, which is available on iOS and Google Play.


  • StudySmarter - Free, iOS learning app that creates mind-maps, flashcards and summaries from users' uploaded materials that recommended additional learning content.


  • Tassomai - Build core subject knowledge and reduce exam stress with this adaptive learning program available on iOS and Google Play for free.



Best Writing apps:

Virtual writing apps and tools are great for encouraging students to become more involved in writing assignments and working on cognitive skills. Writing apps can provide new ways for students to learn and improve, plus the internet has many writing tools that aren’t used in the classroom, further expanding a student’s writing ability.

  • Grammarly - Improve grammar, spelling and punctuation with this free iOS app. Flag potential grammar issues and make context-specific suggestions also with the Grammarly Premium pack.


  • Evernote - Keep important notes handy with this free iOS and Android app. Sync notes automatically to the app to help create and organise digital notes.


  • Chatgpt - The AI-enabling iOS and Android app used to create humanlike conversational dialogue to refine and steer the conversation to a more professional level.


Best language apps:

Apps are a great way to specifically improve writing and reading skills in another language. In 2020, it was recorded that on Babbel, 60% of participants who spent 6 hours on the app showed some improvement in their target language.

  • Duolingo - Free iOS and Google Play app with activities that incorporate translating, quizzes and stories into interactive engaging lessons.


  • Babbel - Practise all areas of language with this monthly costing, iOS app. Improve on reading, writing, speaking, and listening in any language you desire.


  • Busuu - Build sentences, improve pronunciation, and speak with confidence with this iOS, Google Play app. Become fully conversational in your chosen language.


Best flashcard apps:

Flashcard apps are great for individuals who tend to lose or misplace their notes. It also saves on paper and allows you to keep all your revisions organised. Virtual flashcards are also great as they can be brought around with you and stored on your app, you can then study wherever you are and not have to worry about bringing your notes.

  • Brainscape - Turn any subject into smaller, broken-down facts. With Q&A pairs, recall information from scratch. Check it out for free on iOS and Google Play or check out the premium option.


  • Quizlet - Take personalised quizzes and practice tests. With transformative AI study tools, this app takes information and converts it into flashcards and quizzes. For a monthly cost, own this app on Google Play and iOS.


  • Memrise - iOS and Android app that helps users remember words and phrases more effectively, uses game-like features like leaderboards and points to keep users motivated.


Best math apps:

Mathematic apps can create a more personalised learning journey for individuals, where users can speed up or slow down their learning speed to suit them. Again, as apps are portable, learn on the go while you are out!

  • Photomath  - Take or upload a photo of mathematical calculations and the app will work out the solution. Get it for free now on iOS and Android.


  • Doodlemaths - Create a unique learning environment for children on this free iOS and Google Play app with fun, interactive exercises.


  • Khan Academy - Free video lessons on math problems for all ages on this free iOS and Google Play app.


Best primary school learning apps:

Interactive learning apps are a great way for children to learn, if they have something to engage with and with most children’s apps, the apps involve games. These games give children something to work towards and win which encourages more learning.

  • Scratch Jr. - Program interactive stories and games with this free iOS and Google Play app whilst learning to solve problems and design projects.


  • Quick Math Jr. - This free iOS app covers essential foundations of maths like counting, addition and subtraction, place value, and writing numbers.


  • Elevate - Brain Training - Improve speaking abilities, memory skills, mental maths and vocab using this app. Begin with a 7-day free trial on Google Play and iOS.



These apps should help make your education online much simpler and enjoyable, great for on-the-go learning in a variety of subjects. Maybe you are looking for a new phone to improve your education on? Or a tablet to maximise work... we have plenty in stock check them out now. 

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