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Top Tech for Your Summer Adventures

Tech advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Jul 19, 2023

Top Tech for Your Summer Adventures

Now that summer is in full swing, it isn’t a surprise to see people outdoors engaging in different activities and adventures. From relaxing on a beach to out hiking in the mountains, you want to be able to capture these memories forever, and what better way to do this than with a smartphone?  To fully enjoy these summer adventures, having a summer-ready mobile phone can enhance the overall experience.

That’s why in this blog, we've compiled the ultimate list of must-have features for your ideal mobile companion! From top-notch water-resistant phones to superior camera quality, we've got you covered with the best recommendations for every category. So, get ready to discover your perfect phone for all your thrilling summer adventures!


Best Water-Resistant Phone:

Google Pixel 7:

Phone Type: Google Pixel

IP (Ingress Protection): 68 – one of the highest IP ratings on a smartphone in 2023.

*IP – Ingress Protection – Measures how well a device is protected from solid and liquids.*

Durability: Can last in up to 3 feet of fresh water for 30 minutes.

  • Other facts:

The Google Pixel 7 is also dust resistant, meaning it is protected by dust without needing extra protection from a phone case or cover.

Runner up Water-Resistant Phone: iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Make sure to shop our selection of Google Pixel Phones here.


Best Screen Display Phone:

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra:

Phone Type: Samsung

Display Features: Advanced.

Screen Features: Reaches 1,750 nits, equipped with newest OLED display technology.

*Nits – Unit of maximum brightness a monitor is capable of.*

  • Other facts:

Advanced features help improve visuals on screen in any lighting condition, meaning even if the environment is too dark or too light, the screen will still be easy to read.

Because the device has 1,750 nits, because this is so high this means the phones screen can be easily seen in direct sunlight.

Runner up for Best Screen Display Phone - Sony Xperia.

Make sure to shop our selection of Samsung Galaxy phones here.


Longest Battery Life Phone:

iPhone 14 Pro Max:

Phone Type: Apple.

Battery Capacity: 4323 mAh.

Battery Average: 13 hours.

Video Playback: Up to 29 hours video playback.

  • Other facts:

Each new iPhone gains approximately 1 hour of battery life compared to its predecessor. For example, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a battery life of approximately 12 hours.

Runner up for Longest Battery Life Phone: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Make sure to shop our selection of Apple phones here.


Highest-Quality Camera Phone:

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G:

Phone Type: Samsung.

Camera Features: 2 rear cameras, 1 front camera, x10 optical zoom, dynamic range, and colour tones.

Front Camera: 12MP

Rear Cameras: 200MP, 10MP.

  • Other Facts:

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G uses its camera sensor to take sharp photos at full resolution.

Runner up for best Highest Quality Camera Phone: Google Pixel 7 Pro.


Best Built In GPS Navigation Phone:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4:

Phone Type: Samsung

GPS Features: Available to turn on and off.

Navigation Support Systems: Supports GPS, Galilei, GLONASS, BeiDou.

  • Other Facts:

With a 7.6’ phone screen, this phone is also much easier to navigate and read maps off, its precise navigation tracks your precise location and with up t 512GB of storage, there is enough room to download maps and save location data.

Runner up for Best Built In GPS Navigation Phone: Samsung Galaxy S23


Best Portable and Lightweight Designed phone:

iPhone 13 Mini:

Phone Type: Apple

Screen Size: 5.42 inches, pocket sized.

  • Other Facts:

The phone is much more lightweight compared to other Apple models, due to the phone being made of glass on the front and back and the aluminium frame makes it lighter.

Runner up for Best Portable and Lightweight Designed Phone: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4


Top Outdoor Accessories for your phone:

  • Thermal Phone Cases – Keep phone in to prevent overheating.
  • Waterproof Pouch – Safely seal your phone to use underwater.
  • Pop socket – Makes it easier to hold you phone.
  • Bike Phone Mount – Keep your phone in sight whilst mounted to your bike.
  • Power Bank – Keep your phone charged no matter your location.
  • Travel Adapter – Keep your phone charged anywhere in the world.
  • Wireless earphones – Break free from wires whilst out adventuring.
  • Adjustable tripod – Easy to set your phone up to capture memories.

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