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What Is The Galaxy Ring?

Envirofone news | by Charlotte Bolton | Jan 22, 2024

What Is The Galaxy Ring?

Samsung smartwatches are amongst some of the best smartwatches available, with their impeccable performance, incredible style variety and stunning displays and screens. And it is also clear that Samsung isn't stopping at smartwatches when it comes to wearable devices. Announced at the end of the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 Event was The Galaxy Ring, a new type of wearable tech that will change the way we monitor fitness and our heart rate.

Now, presented at MWC 2024, the Galaxy Ring has been officially shown to the public explaining everything that the Galaxy Ring will do, plus when we may be seeing it hit our stores. So let’s see what was announced.


What is the new Galaxy Ring?

The Galaxy Ring is a wearable similar to the Samsung smartwatches but in the form of a ring. Described as a ‘powerful and accessible’ wellness device it will come in three colours, platinum silver, gold, and ceramic black and will focus on health features plus some additional details.

At the Unpacked Event on January 17th, only a couple of images were released by Samsung of this new ring, and almost no information were released. At the MWC 2024, a couple more images were revealed however journalists weren’t allowed to photograph the tech themselves. But going off the limited images available, we can see the ring is a plain-coloured and textured piece of jewellery. Along the inside of the ring, there seem to be numerous lights and chips which will be where the smart tech is hidden from sight, the ring is chunkier in size than we were expecting but we assume this is to fit all the electronics inside.

We like the look of this smart ring; it is very easy to incorporate into everyday outfits and won’t stand out when wearing it. They also seem quite slim and comfy to wear.


What is the purpose of the Samsung ring?

The ring will track sleep based on heart rate, movement and breathing and provide users with advice on these results. There will be a tool too called My Vitality Score which will measure alertness so users can see if they’re at their best (Feedback will be given on ‘Booster Cards’ which offer tips using sleep and other data analytics).

The ring will be compatible with the Galaxy Watch so both devices can be used to track performance and fitness levels which is great for getting accurate readings. Also, you no longer need to sleep wearing the Galaxy Watch and can just wear the Galaxy Ring which will provide much more comfortable sleeping. Simply put a smaller alternative to the smartwatch option.


What is the history of the smart ring?

Believe it or not, although Smart Rings seem very new, they have been seen on the market before. Compared to smartwatches, they are the less popular option and although Samsung seems to have taken the lead with the rise of smart jewellery, many other brands have started the movement of this tech way before 2024. Let’s have a look:

  • Oura ring – A health technology company that created a smart ring that tracks biometric data focussed on user's sleep patterns. The product campaign kickstarted in 2015.
  • McLear – One of the Smart Ring founding companies. Allows users to pay using Ring Pay, add their chosen debit or credit card and tap to pay using the ring. The device has been available to purchase since 2018.
  • Circular Ring – Known for its precise data which focuses on health and sleep tracking sending you notifications when your body has irregular activity movement. The device began shipping in 2023.


What is Samsung's rings future?

With the new talk that Apple is rumoured to be creating a rival smart ring tech, we know that Samsung will be keen to get their product out first. 

UPDATE ON MAY 30TH 2024 - A report in March 2024 stated that Samsung planned to begin producing their Samsung Ring in May 2024 with the hope to have 400,000 units produced ahead of the products launch. The next Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event is July 10th 2024, so will we find out more then? Very recently fans noticed that the wearable has appeared as an option in the One UI battery widget on many phones, which further suggests Samsung is preparing for the launch of their new tech. What we do know is the ring will be compatible with Samsung Galaxy products only. We will keep you informed on the news with our regular blog updates.

Pros: Cons:
  • Small and won't be too uncomfortable
  • Neutral colours
  • New innovative tech
  • Great for fitness and health
  • Expensive
  • Could break easily
  • Might not be 100% accurate

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Thank you so much for reading! We can’t wait to learn more about the Galaxy Ring and will be here to fill you in on any further information when released. Would you consider the Samsung Ring? Or do you think there’s no need? We’d love to know your opinions.

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