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Upcoming Tech News and Updates

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Jun 11, 2024

Upcoming Tech News and Updates

 As we enter the second half of the year, we hope these upcoming months will be filled with as much technology success as the previous half. There have been plenty of new releases, new announcements and new tech trends which we have been loving and we can’t wait to see what the second half of 2024 will hold.

So let’s take a look at the recent tech news and updates available from our favourite tech giants, to see what could be in store for the final stretch of the year.

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Samsung Ballie:

First up we have the Samsung Ballie, a personal home assistant that automatically navigates the home completing various tasks. Taking on the size roughly of a bowling ball, the robot navigates the room like an AI companion, it has been heavily compared to the still rumoured Apple Robot project by Apple, which is said to be in development and will be released within the upcoming years. Samsung Ballie was originally announced at the CES 2020 convention and since then hasn’t been in the spotlight as much, Samsung fans assumed the project had been scrapped. Still, when it was mentioned in the CES 2024 highlights where they showed demonstration videos on how the robot will perform, it raised some eyebrows. Although no actual physical product was shown at the event, a demonstration video does give us a lot of hope for a possible future release, and we hope to hear more about this product before CES 2025.


Ring Always Home Cam:

The Ring Always Home Cam was widely talked about at the very end of 2023 when it was mentioned that a 2024 release date was likely. It is a flying indoor security ring camera from the security company Ring. It can be programmed to fly different courses around the house to ensure no suspicious activity. In September 2020, it was originally discussed as a concept piece, however, now there are many prototypes and test versions which prove there may be some movement in its development. The CEO of Ring, Liz Hamren, stated that the Ring Always Home cam is still being prepped and has been confirmed for release, it just has no official release date as of yet. 


Samsung Galaxy Ring:

Next up is one of the new wearable tech devices that we have talked about quite regularly at Envirofone and that’s the Samsung Galaxy Ring. It is a health monitoring tech device that acts like a normal ring but has many other benefits like measuring blood pressure, sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring. Talk of the Samsung Galaxy Ring has been floating around the internet for the past couple of months now, with Samsung fans estimating the product will be out in August 2024. This is believed because the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event is coming up within the upcoming weeks, so we could see an official reveal of the Galaxy Ring soon. This would be a great addition to the Samsung tech family, with the success of the Galaxy Watch fans cannot wait to get something new. When we release our Galaxy Unpacked roundup, we will make sure to address the ongoing Samsung Galaxy Ring news.

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Apple Watch X:

It is no surprise that we will more than likely see an Apple Watch hit our stores in 2024. The product has been freshly released annually since 2015 with bigger and better upgrades and tech specs. The upcoming Watch has been said to be called the Apple Watch X and will have advanced display technology with microLED panels. When it comes to a release date, we assume this will be available in September 2024, along with the iPhone 16 release which is what happens usually.


Meta Quest 3 Lite:

And finally, the last tech product we expect to hear more from in 2024 is the Meta Quest 3 Lite. There have been many credible reports that Meta will release a cheaper version of the VR headset which will replace the Quest 2. Nicknames for this tech have been given as the Quest 3 Lite or the Quest 3S. Considering the original Meta Quest 3 was only released in 2023, it is too early to expect a Quest 4 so a cheaper version may be on the cards. And an announcement could come soon, Meta has been in the media a lot recently with fans expecting to hear further information as early as July 2024…



Make sure to continually check back for regular updates on these product releases, we still have plenty of other reviews available on our website so make sure to give them a read whilst you are waiting. And why not check out our tech options? We don’t just cover smartphonesour technology options are great to browse through also.

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