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Samsung Galaxy A71 128GB - Prism Crush Black - EE - Fair - Single SIM

Galaxy A71

128GB | Prism Crush Black | EE | Single SIM | Fair
Samsung Galaxy A71 128GB - Prism Crush Black - O2 - Fair - Single SIM

Galaxy A71

128GB | Prism Crush Black | O2 | Single SIM | Fair
Samsung Galaxy A71 128GB - Prism Crush Black - Vodafone - Fair - Single SIM

Galaxy A71

128GB | Prism Crush Black | Vodafone | Single SIM | Fair
Samsung Galaxy A71 128GB - Prism Crush Black - Three - Fair - Single SIM

Galaxy A71

128GB | Prism Crush Black | Three | Single SIM | Fair

12 Month Warranty

Contract Free

Quality Guaranteed

30 Day Return

FREE Delivery

Galaxy A71 Reviews

About the Galaxy A71

Why choose a refurbished Galaxy A71?


Fancy an android handset that packs tons of features and high-quality cameras into 179g? Say hello to Samsung’s Galaxy A71. Better still, you can save a bundle when buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy A71 from Envirofone. Let’s take a deeper look at what you get for your money.


Our review of the Galaxy A71


Size & design

The Galaxy A71 is a surprisingly mobile mobile. At 179g, it’s lighter than the 187g Samsung Galaxy A51. The overall dimensions (163.6 x 76.0 x 7.7 mm) are slightly larger, but the handset is marginally thinner (the A51 is 158.9 x 73.6 x 8.7 mm). Slim, sleek, pocket chic.


What’s in a mm? Those extra few are put to good use on the A71, giving it a noticeably bigger display of 6.7” full rectangle and 6.6” rounded corners (versus the A51’s 6.5” and 6.3”). The A71 screen is a Super AMOLED Plus with Full HD+ resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels, capable of playing 1080p video in landscape orientation.


As you might expect from the Galaxy A series, there’s a stunning set of cameras on the A71. A seriously high-res 32MP front-facing selfie camera is more than capable of capturing your best side. While on the rear, there’s a blistering 64MP lens, a 12MP camera, and a pair of 5MP sensors. No, you haven’t travelled back in time to the Nokia N95! These are close-up macro lenses, giving you incredible depth of field for stunning detail shots.


The Galaxy A71 has some nifty features to save you from sore eyes and sleepless nights. Bixby Routines let you tell it when bedtime is, so the phone starts to dial down the blue light and screen brightness before you hit the hay. Or activate Night Mode to avoid getting dazzled in the dark.


Why buy a Galaxy A71 from Envirofone?


You get more for your money when you choose a Samsung Galaxy A71 refurbished by Envirofone. For a start, there’s FREE postage and no hidden costs. We’ll also include a USB charging cable inside the lovingly packed padded box and any other accessories listed under ‘what’s in the box?’.

Need some quality assurance? Don’t worry. That’s why we put all refurbished Galaxy A71 handsets through a comprehensive quality checklist. If a phone fails, we reuse the parts we can salvage and recycle the rest, so the precious metals go back into producing new electronics. Handsets that pass the test get grades from good up to ‘as new’, and we price them to match their condition.

If you’ve got old phones lying around, there’s a good chance we’ll take them off your hands for a fair price. Just enter your make and model if you’ve got a Samsung phone to sell or an old iPhone to offload, and you can get an instant price estimate. After seeing your phone up close, we'll confirm your payout and can offer an extra 12% if you choose Envirocash.

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