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Galaxy S10 Dual Sim Reviews

About the Galaxy S10 Dual Sim

Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 have a dual SIM card?

You may be thinking what is a duam sim phone? Dual sim phones are simply a device that allows you to use 2 SIM cards in one device. Perfect for work purposes if you have two phone numbers or if you want to use a local number whilst keeping your original number active in another country. There are many phones with dual sims available but when it comes to Samsung, the Galaxy S10 Dual Sim is the best dual sim phone you need.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Dual Sim is a stunning smartphone. It has a great design available in a wide variety of colours, some of them are yellow, red, pink, black, blue and green. The processor is an Exynos 9820 2.7 GHz/Snapdragon chipset and octa-core processor meaning the smartphone can handle more advanced tasks like playing and taking high-resolution videos. We cannot recommend this phone enough. So let’s look at the Samsung galaxy s10 for sale further.


Does the Samsung S10 have a good camera?

  • Triple camera lens
  • Wide camera – 12MP
  • Telephoto lens – 12MP
  • Ultrawide – 16MP
  • Video – 1080p@30/60fps
  • Features – LED flash, auto-HDR, panorama

One of the best aspects of this camera is its ultra-high-definition (UHD) selfie camera. This type of camera tech means the imagery in photos is much sharper and higher in clarity and has impressive zoom abilities without losing any image quality.


What does it mean when something is refurbished?

A refurbished product is something that has been returned by the customer, either because it is damaged or no longer wanted. Either way, it is then extensively checked, repaired if needed and then further tested to ensure the product is working like new. Due to the fact the product has once been owned, even if it’s completely perfect quality, it must now be sold as refurbished and at a slightly lower price. For more information on refurbished please see our Refurbished Guide.

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