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Environmental Benefits Of Trading Tech

Tech advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Jan 03, 2024

Environmental Benefits Of Trading Tech

We know that when your house becomes cluttered with unused and damaged tech, the first thing we think to do is throw it in the bin immediately. But don’t throw your old tech away, trade it in and get some cash! The quicker you sell your old tech the more you will get. Phones, Tablets and Tech depreciates in price over time, so it's always best to sell your device before you throw them in a drawer to gather dust.

But did you know trading in your old phone doesn’t only have benefits to your pockets? It is also a great way to save the environment, there are so many environmental benefits when you trade phones and give them a new life that you probably never knew about. So let’s get into the reasons why refurbished tech and selling your old tech are so good for the world we live in. Hurry… let’s get into it!

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Environmental benefits of trading in phones:

  • Reduces the amount of raw materials that need to be mined
  • Reduces the amount of energy needed for the production of new phones.
  • Reduces the packaging amounts needed to send over resources and products.
  • Cuts down the use of hazardous packaging materials like plastic which is bad for the environment.
  • Less phones are thrown into our landfills, therefore saving space for other rubbish.
  • Materials inside the phone will be carefully recycled or reused
  • Toxic substances from the phones will be disposed of safely and not released into our environment.
  • Improves the circular economy of our environment (reuse, refurbish, recycle)


How Envirofone helps:

At Envirofone, we take your old device, damaged or perfectly fine, check how it works internally and externally, fix any problems whether this is how the phone performs or how the phone looks, polish the device to make it appear like new, grade the device depending on its condition, then sell it on again at a much lower price than the RRP. You may be wondering what it means when we give a phone a condition. The phone's condition is simply what condition the phone will arrive in when it gets to your door ranging from Fair to New. There are 6 conditions altogether, the better the condition, the more expensive the phone. For further information, make sure to read our Guide To Refurbished Phones.

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Once your sell your tech online to Envirofone, you can either use our handy self-serve returns portal or we can send you packaging to send your device.  Once we receive your device it will be fully tested and inspected. If we deem the price to be different, due to the condition, we will send you the new price via email which you have the choice of accepting or have returned free of charge.

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect when selling your phone for cash to Envirofone:

  • 100% Risk-free. If you’re unhappy with our price, we’ll return it for FREE.
  • Free Postage — It won’t cost you a thing to send your phone to us.
  • We accept damaged phones. Sell your handset as normal, and we’ll test it for you, always offering the BEST PRICE.
  • We securely wipe all your data as soon as it reaches our premises.
  • What are you waiting for? Sell your old mobile for cash today and enjoy putting those extra pounds towards a sparkly, new device. The environment will thank you for it!

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Remember, on Envirofone you can sell your old tech and help the environment. Tech includes tabletsSamsung phones, Google phone. It isn’t too late! Sell your tech now!

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