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All Devices Revealed in the Samsung Unpacked Event 2022

by Nathan Lockwood | Feb 10, 2022

All Devices Revealed in the Samsung Unpacked Event 2022

The Samsung Unpacked Event for this February has drawn to a close, and it really did give us a good look at some upcoming goodies. Giving us the answer to “what is the next Samsung phone?” With a greater focus on the environment and enhanced technology, the future certainly looks bright. I am going to quickly cover the new Samsung Galaxy phones and devices that were revealed, and when you can get your hands on them.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus

Following the same models as the previous few years, Samsung has revealed the next trio in their Galaxy S series. The Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. We will get to the 22 Ultra in just a little bit, but for now we will talk about the S22 and S22+.

Featuring four different colours, black, white, green and pink gold, the Samsung Galaxy S22 and 22+ feature a similar design to last year's S21 series. With three cameras forming a traffic light formation in the top left of the device.

But it is with the Samsung Galaxy S22 camera that we see some of the greatest changes and additions. Samsung have taken motion and lighting into massive consideration here, with numerous new features like super HDR, 4x motion data and a massive heap of new nightography improvements, taking photos while moving and/or in the dark is going to be hugely improved.

Just to name a few addition features, you’ve also got:

  • AI Stereo Depth Map for smarter and enhanced lighting and image quality
  • Improved Object Segmentation for greater image focus
  • High quality, with a 50mp Wide lens and a 10mp tele lens with 3x higher zoom

Pre orders for this device are available from today, with the initial Samsung Galaxy S22 release date being the 25th of February.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

And onto the jewel of the event, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Featuring a new metal frame and four different colours. Available in black, white, green and burgundy, the S22 Ultra is looking good. With numerous design changes like integrated lens and a built-in S-Pen, this phone defines next-generation.

At a whopping 6.8” in size, the Samsung S22 Ultra features a Dynamic Amoled display that can reach as high as 120Hz and as low as 1Hz. But what takes this to the next level is the new vision booster. Reaching a max of 1750 nits of brightness, the vision booster analyses the screen brightness and adjusts the tone mapping based on how bright or dark it is. Making everything clear as day. And it is all made perfect thanks to the fastest ever 4nm processor. Making performance almost 73% faster than before.

With such high specifications, there is going to be a need for more efficient cooling. And there is! The S22 is truly optimised when it comes to heat dissipation. Using a new thermal interface material that makes heat transfers 3.5x more effective.

Now onto what most of you care the most about, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera. What I found the most appealing was the new adaptive pixels. When taking a photo, the frames will merge to get the clearest image quality. And when you take into mind the 108MP lens that is built in, you know it’s going to be good.

That’s not all though. Each lens also features anti-reflective and super clear technology to ensure the finest image quality. But the biggest change certainly comes with OIS and VDIS. Both work when in motion. With OIS moving the lens in the opposite direction when shaking or moving, and VDIS software compensating the movement at the same time. This is sure to be one of Samsung’s greatest cameras.

Just like the S22 and S22 Plus, pre-orders are available now with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra release date taking place on the 25th of February.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra

And the final device shown off is the collection of new Samsung Galaxy tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and S8 Plus are the thinnest tablet devices that have been made so far. Each device features a maximum of 1TB storage wise and 16GB in terms of RAM, making these tablets instant powerhouses. With a Snapdragon 8 4nm processor making it all possible.

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra that was shown off the most. Featuring a 14.6” Super Amoled display, also capable of up to 120Hz refresh rate. All of this packed within a 6.3mm bezel size. Making it compact but powerful.

Expect some of your more handy and powerful features too. With the S-Pen being completely compatible. That is just one among other features. You will also get access to a strong dual camera, a three-way microphone and other amazing functions. Just like the S22 models, you can pre-order now and get your hands on this tablet on the 25th.


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