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Apple Event – iPhone 12 rumours and best time to sell your old iPhones.

by Denise Timmis | Oct 08, 2020

Apple Event – iPhone 12 rumours, leaks, specs, prices, dates and best time to sell your old iPhones.

Apple have now confirmed that the new event will be on Tuesday 13th October at 6pm (BST) There’s a multitude of rumours and suspected leaks, so we thought we’d give you a round up of what we have gathered.


Apple Dates

Every year we await the release of the new iPhone around the 12th September, due to the coronavirus pandemic around the world, this has caused Apple to delay their launch. In September Apple continued with their annual event and launched the impressive Apple Watch series 6, Watch SE, iPad air and new iPad. As impressive as they are, our question is what the new iPhone will bring to the Apple family.


Apple Event invite taster


With each event there comes a taster image from Apple, but what do this year’s clues suggest....


  • Hi, Speed.

    Could this refer to the new A14 bionic chip, which we saw in the September launch, or could it be the first ever 5G iPhone.
  • 4 rings surround the logo.

Could this suggest 4 new models.

  • Colours - from the burnt orange to Navy Blue.

In the Septembers launch we saw the new navy blue iWatch and iPad Air, will we see the same again?

  • Central circle 

    Looks very similar to the Airtag tracker image rumours, Could this be a first for Apple.

Overall we expect there to be 4 new iPhones, Airtag trackers, new Apple TV and a Apple homepod.


iPhone 12 Models


We expect Apple to release 4 new models which will include:

  • iPhone 12s/iPhone 12 mini

The smallest iPhone is expected to have a 5.4-inch display and hold the same features as the iPhone 12 but with a lower price of around £649

  • iPhone 12

With a 6.1 inch display the new iPhone 12 should start from £749

  • iPhone 12 Pro

    Similar to last year, besides the size of the phone, which we expect to have a 6.1-inch display, we expect improved triple camera technology and a new LiDar scanner with a price tag of £1000
  • iPhone 12 pro max   

    The premier model of the launch is expected to have a 6.7-inch display and be marginally cheaper than last years Pro max version starting at £1099


Across the board we expect all the new devices to have the A14 bionic chip, featured in the new iPad air, and all to have 5G connectivity.


After affects on the trade in market

There’s no doubt that the iPhone 12 will be one of the most expensive smartphones in the market, however this doesn’t stop the tech savvy user wanting the best iPhone.

As the release draws closer selling your old mobile becomes more apparent to get the best price in market. At Envirofone we offer a 14 day lock in period, which gives you plenty of time to send your old devices to take advantage of the higher prices. Even better, we offer 10% extra using our payment method Envirocash which allows you to purchase a phone on Envirofone Shop for a fraction of the retail price.

Last year we saw prices fall up to 10% after launch and we expect the price of the older models such as iPhone 8 and the iPhone X to have the biggest drops.

Head over to Envirofone now and sell your phone to get the best price.






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