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Apple September Event - Rumours

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Jul 03, 2023

Apple September Event - Rumours

Apple’s highly anticipated September event is just around the corner, and its promising to bring some exciting news about the upcoming rumoured releases of the iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9.

While there are no specific details about the event yet, there has been plenty of rumours speculated by tech enthusiasts. So, in this blog, we will attempt to predict what may be announced at this event following up the recent rumours.

iPhone 15:

Like we mentioned, the iPhone 15 is expected to be released in September like the other iPhones. Along with this, at the Apple event, we are expected to be introduced to the larger iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which would replace the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

It has been rumoured that the iPhone will include USB-C charging instead of lighting ports, plus an update on the phone’s camera quality. As well as this, there has been lots of speculation of a possible new Action Button that could be added to the iPhone 15. Make sure to keep an eye out on our website for our iphone 15 deals. 

What is the Action Button? Similar to the action button on the Apple Watch Ultra, this would allow users to activate features like do not disturb, torch and camera and would be found on the side of the phone.


Apple Watch Series 9:

There have been no official updates for what the new Apple Watch will include, or when it will even be available to purchase. However, Apple fans are suspecting a new Bluetooth update will be put into place, because recently Apple have been slowly updating their product lineup with the latest Bluetooth standards, does this mean we will see the same with the Apple Watch Series 9?

As well as this, it’s been rumoured Apple will be introducing a new chip technology, bringing better speed and efficiency improvements to the watch, battery life and load times are also believed to be improved on with the new release, making the smartwatch overall much faster.


Rumoured mentions:

New AirPod Release? - Although there has been no mention of any new AirPods recently, users are hopeful that sometime in the future we will be getting a new release. It’s been around 2 years since the release of the latest AirPods, meaning could we be given an update about this at the next Apple event?


Future possible releases:

  • iPad Pro new models - There has been plenty of rumours and talks from Apple about a new iPad Pro with 11.1 and 13 inch models. It has been confirmed recently however that although talks about this iPad are in the air, the new model concept will not be released in 2023, and will be mentioned in more detail next year in 2024.


  • iPhone Flip - Within the recent years, the foldable phone industry has really gained popularity, with multiple companies now fighting for the top spot of the best foldable phone. Over the previous year, talks of an iPhone Flip have been mentioned by Apple, however, still with no further mention we assume there will be no release date for this product in the near future. Is it possible though that we will finally get an update on this new concept in 2024?*



Will you consider checking out the iPhone 15 when it gets here? We can't wait to see what this new tech holds. And what about the rumoured releases we may be seeing soon... we will ensure to keep you updated on these possible new releases when the time gets closer!

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