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Best Apps and Habits to Help Prepare Your Child for Back to School

Lifestyle | by Denise Timmis | Aug 31, 2022

Best Apps and Habits to Help Prepare Your Child for Back to School

What should I do to get ready for back-to-school?

September is around the corner, meaning the school term is approaching sooner than we think. If you’ve got a child, you may have noticed a lack of structured routine over the summer, probably with less screen time monitoring. As we start to think about the back-to-school routine, supporting our children is essential as many will find it hard to settle back into a structured day.

So, we’ve rounded up some of the most recommended mobile apps plus some extra school essentials to help children and teens stay organised when they return to school in September. So let's get on with these education apps.

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What is the #1 productivity app?

  1. myHomework. myHomework student planner app syncs across devices so children can easily access their classes and assignments anytime and anywhere. Track classes, homework, tests, and projects, so they never forget an assignment again. This is a free app, but you can upgrade to access more tools.
  2. SimpleMind. This free app allows children to create mind maps to help them organise their thoughts, remember things, and generate new ideas.
  3. SleepCycle: Many functional alarm apps ensure you get up in the morning. But SleepCycle takes it one step further with its intelligent sleep tracker and alarm.
  4. Evernote: Evernote is note-taking software that helps children create and organize digital notes, keeping them synced across all devices. They can also use it as a digital filing cabinet to manage all their notes.
  5. Trello. Trello is a popular and useful app that allows children to organise any projects they’re working on through boards, which they can then customise either solo or with others (making it ideal for delegating tasks for a group assignment). The app also allows for separate lists for tasks on a to-do list, in-progress tasks, and tasks they’ve completed.

And if you're an adult looking to learn some more, there are also plenty of learning apps for adults too as well as school apps where you can do language learning, new skills and gain qualifications. 

Learning apps pros: Learning apps cons:
  • Can learn anywhere
  • Practise wherever you go
  • Convinient 
  • Permanant source of education
  • Too online based
  • Can be isolating
  • Lack of communication

What are the healthy habits for students?

  1. Stay active for physical and mental health: Leading an active lifestyle has many physical and mental health benefits that can positively impact school life. Walking to school where possible is the easiest way to incorporate movement into a child’s daily routine. It’s a great way to start the day, helping your child stay fit and improve their concentration and learning. If they can't walk to school, try getting them into a routine involving some form of physical activity every day.
  2. Establish an after-school routine: Children thrive in routines, so establishing an after school routine can help ensure important tasks are accomplished, from eating a healthy dinner to completing homework, chores, and more. Reinforcing certain behaviours should allow your kids to get the most out of their evenings and provide a better springboard into the next day.
  3. Screen-free bedtime: If your child is old enough to have a phone or other tech device, keep those items out of the bedroom. Have your children hand over the device, so they don’t receive texts or other sleep-disturbing messages at night.
  4. Extracurricular activities. Your child may have many interests that can help guide what type of after-school activities they participate in. Having extracurricular activities integrated into their routine can also help kids focus outside the stresses of school.


Which is the best phone for school students?

If you’re planning on getting your child a new tech device ready for the start of the school year, consider purchasing a device that’s refurbished rather than brand-new.

At Envirofone, we offer a vast range of refurbished devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and consoles. Our good-as-new devices come with all the latest features, but for a fraction of the price. Not only do you save money, but buying refurbished also helps you do your bit for the planet. Plus, every device comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

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Hopefully you are now up to date with all the tech essentials your child needs before their return to school and you have already downloaded those web apps for students, and remember... if you ever forget anything we have plenty of top tech products like tablets, laptops and phones on our website. Make sure to browse through our catalogue to find the perfect device, like a refurbished samsung phone, refurbished android phones and more.

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