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Cybersecurity Tips for Safer Internet Day

Tech advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Feb 01, 2024

Cybersecurity Tips for Safer Internet Day

Did you know that in the UK, 62% of adult internet users and over 80% of children internet users have been potentially harmed by an experience online. This could have been any experience from accidently viewing illegal activity and content to being cyber bullied. Usually, lots of online users aren’t actually aware of the dangers that can occur on the internet, and that’s why Safer Internet Day is here to help inform and educate users on how to keep safe on the web.

In this blog, we are here to dive further into what internet safety day 2024 is all about with some security tips, plus exploring what we do at Envirofone to help ensure the internet is a safer place to be. Let’s get into it.


What does Safer Internet Day do?

But before we begin, its important to understand what Safer Internet Day actually is, and why is is celebrated in the UK.

Safer Internet Day is an annual celebration within the UK usually held in February that is dedicated to acknowledging a safer internet environment and exploring how to use tech responsibly, creatively, and carefully to ensure we arent a risk of cyber attacks. This year, Safer Internet Day 2024 is held on February 6th, with the theme of ‘Inspiring Change’, which looks into how we can make a difference on the internet and how to go about navigating change online. A big part of Safer Internet Day is providing helpful tips to others to practise online safety, so take a look below at 5 of our cybersecurity tips (for both children and young people) to ensure you are keeping safe on the web.


What are the most important tips on cyber security?

Keep software up to date:

If you use older software, this can create vulnerabilities to your computer system making it easier for online hackers to get in or for valuable information to get out. To resolve this, keep your software up to date. By installing the latest updates, this reduces the risk of cyberattacks protecting your personal and business information.


What to do with suspicious emails:

Often, hackers will send suspicious emails to victims which are clicked on unknowingly by the victim allowing the hacker to access all data. And by the time the user is aware, it’s too late. This process is called phishing. Fake emails can be very difficult to distinguish, as they are carefully crafted to ensure they look like any other innocent email. There are, however, a couple tells to look out for if you feel an email is too good to be true…

  • Too many demands are included like ‘you must click’, ‘you must call’, ‘open now’.
  • Requests for login details for credit information.
  • Image/file attachments with no title or context.
  • Links and domains you haven’t heard of before contacting you.
  • Spelling and grammar is incorrect.
  • Greetings at the start of the email are too relaxed/informal.


How does antivirus software work:

Malware is a type of malicious software that is purposefully designed to harm or exploit and user and their device. And there are a lot of security software types you can use to ensure you are keeping safe. Applying anti-virus software is a great tool to install however, as this will keep your data protected for you stopping any malware getting through.


Malicious link checker:

Often we receive a link in a text or an email that simply says ‘click here!’, and thinking nothing of it, we click sometimes resulting in strangers being able then access your information. The best thing we can suggest is just not clicking the link, and not opening the notification at all. Just delete the message without viewing it. But if you are genuinely unsure whether a link is malicious or not, a great way to check it by hovering your mouse over the link. If the URL and link name don’t match it’s best not to continue clicking, you can become the victim of cyber threats.


Data backup in cyber security:

Phones are easy targets for hackers or thieves. By backing your data onto the cloud or sending photos and videos to another tech device like a computer means if your phone becomes lost or hacked, at least all your data is still secure.

Related blog: How To Transfer Data From One Device To Another


How do you secure a network in cyber security?

And finally, by checking your connection is tightly secure, this stops hackers from putting themselves into the middle of your connection, which is known as man in the middle. With this hacking process, when data is sent from the user to the connection, firstly it goes through the hacker allowing them to take any data they require. To check internet connection is secure, right click a network and select properties. Most phones will have a view connection property where you can see all current security types.


How Envirofone help:

At Envirofone, although it is difficult for us alone to tackle cybersecurity ensuring everyone keeps safe online, we are still able to help prevent it. In our advice section, we have a selection of blogs that we recommend reading to further educate yourself on the importance of cyber security. With TikTok being huge recently, we have TikTok Safeguarding Tips For Parents to ensure you child is keeping safe. As well as this, another one for the parents is 10 TikTok Safeguarding Hacks All Parents Should Know. Or maybe you are concerned for child is receiving lots of abuse online, and you want to spot the signs before it turns into bullying? Well our guide on How To Spot If Your Child Is Being Affected By Bullying is a great choice to read.



Thank you so much for reading! So hopefully this blog has enabled you with all the internet safety tips you need to keep internet safety smart and keep you away from identity theft. There are lots of internet safety videos and internet safety photos available online to help educate you further. Make sure to have a good safer internet day 2024 and keep on the lookout for any unusual web activity!

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