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Google Pixel 9 Leaked!

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Jan 29, 2024

Google Pixel 9 Leaked!

LAST UPDATED: July 8th 2024

The Google Pixel is a great smartphone option for anyone who is searching for incredible camera quality, powerful processing, and a bearable price tag. In the last few years, since the Pixel's official release in 2016, the brand has just grown and grown now being up there with other popular brands like Apple and Samsung. But now it’s time to see what the future holds for the pixel brand, as it nears closer to its decade anniversary.

In this blog, we check out what the Google Pixel 9 could bring by exploring some of the current leaks that have been revealed for the upcoming tech plus what the future of the Pixel could be like in a few years.

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Is there going to be a Pixel 9?

The Pixel 9 and 9 Pro are set to launch this year and if Google decides to follow the normal October announcement and launch date, we can assume we will get our hands on the phone sometime in the autumn. The previous models, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a were released on October 12th 2023, so considering the estimated release date is only 9 months away, Google fans have been highly anticipating a sneak peek at the new device.

And now, fans may have finally been given what they wanted. Some leaks of the Pixel 9 have been released to the public with hands-on photos of the three new models which confirms that we will see 3 models released for the Pixel 9 edition. These images were provided by an anonymous source, so we cannot 100% confirm any information within this blog, but we can confirm the devices in the image are functional handsets of some kind. Although only a couple of photos have been leaked, it gives us enough information to guess what may be included in the new model so let's take a look!


What was revealed?

Going off the of couple photos that have been released, these are our RUMOURED pixel 9 features:


The sides of the phone are flat which seems to be mimicking the iPhone 15 design. Could the success of the iPhone 15 be influencing upcoming mobiles too?

The rear of the phone is where the most notable changes seem to be, the camera lens has been described as ‘pill-shaped’ by lots of fans, with a triple camera set up on the Pixel 9.

Focussing on the lens, the third lens seems to be rectangular, with viewers believing this inspiration has come from the Samsung S24 Ultra.

In leaked photos, the phone boasts a glorious light blue shade, we assume this will be one of the colours available for the new phone along with plenty more new options released like Google usually does. There is also a leaked image of a bold, pink device which we assume will be a new, 'surpise' additional colour.

The Pixel 8 is available in obsidian, hazel and rose. We assume we will see the Pixel 9 in these colour options also.


What are the specs of Pixel 9?

So now we have visually analysed the leaked Pixel 9, let’s take a look at what some of the possible specs could be. As we noticed a triple camera lens, could we see an improved resolution camera with an ultrawide angle snapper? Pixel usually seems to be on top when it comes to camera quality, always producing the most up-to-date and impressive camera tech. So we are excited to see what could be coming. We may also see a dedicated zoom lens with a better zoom than ever before. The images show the cameras are redesigned with camera bars that don’t extend across the whole phone. They also have flat backs and sides switching it up from the Pixel 8’s curvy design.

Other RUMOURED specs:

  • 3 telephoto lenses on the XL model.
  • 50MP lenses
  • Up to 128GB.
  • Google Tensor G4
  • 8GB RAM.
  • 6.1" - classic phone.
  • 120Hz on all models.
  • 2 lenses on normal phones.


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Is there a Pixel XL?

As we mentioned, the leaked image shows 3 phone models available telling us we will likely see an XL edition. Besides the 9 and 9 Pro, we can now see the 9 Pro XL, which is said to be the most expensive of the three devices. It has been claimed by 91Mobiles, which is the largest gadget discovery site in India based their research on smartphones. This would be an interesting addition to the Pixel series considering a Pro XL hasn’t been around since the Pixel 5 series 4 years ago. It is believed the Pro model will also have an ultrasonic fingerprinting scanner from Suprema and Qualcomm.

It has been leaked that a possible Google PIxel Fold 2 will release the same time as the PIxel 9 lineup. Considering the previous Fold model was released in 2023, it's quite a surprise for us that this phone may be hitting our stores. Although Google are on top when it comes to consistency and getting their products out, there has been no talk of a Pixel Fold 2 by Google, so it seems quite out of nowhere. Either way we cannot wait to see this tech and what it will hold for Google. 



We hope you enjoyed the blog. We want to hear your opinions on the new Google phone image leaks. To us, it seems the design has had a lot of inspiration from previous successful phones, from the side design of the iPhone to the lens design of the Samsung. We are slightly upset to see this lack of originality, Google are so good when it comes to camera and software at really making their phones stand out, but when it comes to the actual design, the phone just seems to blend in.

Will you be checking out the Pixel 9 series when it finally arrives? We will be sure to provide you with all the updates when more information is released. But until then, check out our best Google Pixel phone deals. We have plenty waiting for you. Check it out now!

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