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How To Turn Your Home Into A Digital Haunted Mansion

Tech advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Oct 18, 2023

How To Turn Your Home Into A Digital Haunted Mansion

As the chill of the autumn breeze rustles the leaves and Halloween approaches, now’s the time to take your spooky celebrations to the next level. Forget about the basic cobwebs and plastic skeleton, why not dive headfirst into the digital world by creating the most spine-tingling haunted mansion your guests have ever seen!

In this blog, we unravel the secrets of turning your home into a high-tech haunted wonderland. From creepy projections to haunted photo frames, we'll explore the greatest tech tricks that'll leave your visitors breathless with fear and excitement!


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Home-Made Projector:

A projector is a great way to display spooky images around your home and on your windows for guests. Look on apps like Pinterest to find Halloween patterns to use in your projection, or even better, create your own projection pattern! These are great photo opportunities.

But instead of buying an expensive projector, why not buy one for your phone, or even better, make one yourself! All you need is a box, a magnifying glass or mirror and a phone. There are plenty of online tutorials to make a home projector.

Now you have your projector made, you need the best camera quality phone to produce the crispest, clearest projections.

Best camera phones of 2023:

Or if you still can’t decide, check out our blog on The Top 10 Rated Camera Phones.



Smart Speakers:

Play eerie sounds and ghostly whispers through the speakers on your phone. You can find many spooky playlists online or use a sound effects app.

And maybe you want to spook out the entire house? Make sure to get your hands on some smart speakers to control the sound in every room with just one click from your phone.

To get the clearest sound from your phone, take a look at our options for the smartphones with the best speakers:



Augmented Reality (AR) Decor:

Mobile apps are great tools to add ghostly apparitions and haunted objects through your house. All your guests will have to do is look through their phone screen. But what are the best apps to create a spook this Halloween? We’ve created a list below.

Best Halloween apps:

Best Halloween Apps: Platform Available:
Ghost Detector Radar Simulator GooglePlay
Spooky Halloween Sounds iOS
Ghost Scary Calling Prank Dial iOS
Pinterest (Great for party/costume inspo) All platforms




Digital Haunted Portraits:

Prank your guests by changing the photos in your picture frame whilst they are walking past! And how do you do this? Get yourself a digital photo frame and download Frameo.

With Frameo, you can send photos from your phone directly to your Frameo digital photo frame. This means you can change the photos from no matter where you are, causing a spook for anyone walking past.


Bringing The Scares To Life:

If you’re hosting a party and are struggling for ideas to keep the atmosphere high… why not get yourself a VR headset? There are plenty of Halloween games you can play that are sure to give you a fright! And you don’t have to spend too much, as there are plenty of cheap mobile VR headsets you can buy that work just as well!

But what mobiles are compatible with mobile headsets? For the best experience, we recommend you use these mobiles:

For the Samsung Gear VR Mobile headset:

For the Google Cardboard VR Mobile headset:


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