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iOS 16 Revealed

Mobile news | by Nathan Lockwood | Jun 07, 2022

iOS 16 Revealed

New features and useful updates are a massive joy for any device. It is why the new iOS updates are constantly talked about when they are announced. And yesterday at WWDC 22, we got our very first look at the next big iOS. With quite a few big changes in the works, iOS 16 is certainly something to be hyped about if you are an iPhone user. And now, we are going to look at them.

When Will iOS 16 Release?

Let’s get the first big question out of the way first. When will iOS 16 release? Apple’s newest operating system is set to launch at some point of September. No specific release date has been confirmed, but we can be sure it will release in Autumn of this year. Probably alongside Apple’s next iPhone.

iOS 16 Beta

As for iOS 16 betas for you to try, the public beta is set to go ahead next month (July) allowing users to try out some of the new features. Private betas for iOS 16, at the time of this blog, are currently ongoing.

iOS 16 Compatibility

It is also very important to note that the new iOS 16 will only be compatible for the iPhone 8 and later models. So, iPhone 7 models and below will not be able to install this new OS. If you want to get the most out of your old phones when you can, why not trade them in with us and get the best price while you can! When the new iOS releases the prices of iPhone 6, 7 and other models are bound to drop, so you don’t want to wait.

iOS 16 Updates and Features

Apple Pay Later

Now onto what we are all looking forward to the most. The new features. The biggest iOS 16 feature in the work is the new Apple Pay Later program. Though this will only be available for users in the US in the start, it will allow people to split a purchase cost into four separate payments over the course of 6 weeks. This is also without any interest or extra fees on top of it. Making it easy for users to pay for the products they want.

This change also comes accompanied with an order tracking feature. Helping you to track any key order information all from the Apple Wallet app. Along with the new ability to use your ID and keys from your wallet. All of this is securely stored of course. Handy, right?


iOS 16 Lock Screen Changes

For those who want their lock screen to look perfect, iOS 16 seems like it will certainly deliver. What is the iOS 16 lock screen changes? Not only has it been redesigned, but it will be completely customisable. Of course, you can still have any image you want as your lock screen, but there will be more changeable options that were previously not an option. Like adding different widgets, changing the font and colour of the time and text, multi-layered effects for wallpapers and more that certainly give the lock screen a fresher look.

Notifications can be a right pain, and they are going to be getting a bit of a redesign with iOS 16. Notifications on iOS 16 will roll up from the bottom of the screen rather than appearing instantly in the middle. This also helps make the lock screen look quite tidy, giving you a constant clear view. And if you want to keep a constant check on all your favourite activities, the new live activities feature does all of that. Tracking all your favourite games, orders, and other key events all from the lock screen.

That’s not all the changes for the lock screen either. The focus modes are also being extended to your lock screen. For different focus modes, you can create various lock screens tied to focus modes that you can swap between to keep you concentrated. These can also be fully customised with widgets, colours and more.


Apple Maps Improvements

We’ve all struggle with directions from time to time. And Apple Maps is already a super useful tool when it comes to getting from one place to another. Well, it’s becoming even better with iOS 16. With the first big change being the additional coverage to 11 more countries. And six new cities to the 3D city network.

Other changes come to your travelling. If you are on a long drive or need to make multiple stops, you can now add up to 15 stops in a Maps route. Helping you to identify the best routes and times. And of course, if you are a big user of public transport, Apple Maps now has the capability to check transport fees.


Apple Live Text

Next on the list of upgrades is Live Text. With Live Text you will be able to pause pull any text from a video. By just pausing on the frame, you want and highlighting the text, you can pull it straight into the app. Live Text will also be able to work in Translate.


Updates to Family Sharing

Family Sharing is getting a bit of love with iOS 16, with a new quick start option that makes it a lot faster to set up a child’s device. This new option takes the existing settings of a device and applies it instantly to the new one. Making it faster and easier to get your child’s device up and running of family sharing.

And in accordance with this addition, parent approval is gaining some improvements as well. Parents will now be able to approve or deny requests directly from messages. No more deep diving into settings, you can allow or block any apps or requests directly from the parental control screen.

Love your photos? The new iCloud Shared Photo Library will allow you to share your images with up to five people. It works a bit like Google Photos. You have a separate library in your iCloud where you and your selected family and friends can all share photos to each other. As for how, you can do it either manually in the iCloud app or use the new dedicated shortcut in the Camera app.


Big Updates to iMessage

Have you ever made a bad mistake while sending a message through iMessage? Well, that looks like it’s going to be an issue of the past. With the new iOS 16 iMessage changes, not only will you be able to delete messages that you didn’t mean to send, but you can also edit out any pesky mistakes that may be in an important one. A feature intended to support people who are in abusive relationships.


Apple Safety Check

And this is also where the new Safety Check features comes in too. A new feature intended to “protect individuals in abusive relationships.” What does the Apple Safety Check do? Safety Check gives users the ability to disable different permissions that someone else may have on their phone. This includes data like location, account and app access and Find My Phone. Along with an emergency reset option that will instantly reset access for all people and apps. A feature that is sure to help a lot of people.


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