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iPhone 13 Release: The Perfect Time to Sell Your iPhone 11 or 12

Mobile news | by Denise Timmis | Feb 18, 2022

iPhone 13 Release: The Perfect Time to Sell Your iPhone 11 or 12

iPhone 13 Release: The Perfect Time to Sell Your iPhone 11 or 12


Yes, it’s nearly that time of year again. The moment when millions of IOS purists rush to their nearest store in the hope of securing Apple’s latest mobile phone. This year, the apple of everyone’s eye is the iPhone 13 — a device we’ve heard murmurs about since the start of 2020.

Ahead of the much-anticipated release, many people will be hoping to trade in their iPhone 11 or 12 to raise extra funds. If that’s you, you’re in luck. Because on this page, we’ll give you the lowdown on when older iPhones start to depreciate, including information about the optimal time to sell.

If you’re already set on using Envirofone’s services, why not head straight over to our iPhone 13 rumours page for a sneak preview of what to expect in September?


iPhone 13 demand will result in deprecation


Once the iPhone 13 hits shelves across the UK, there will undoubtedly be a chunk of Apple enthusiasts keen to wave goodbye to their current smartphone. This is no surprise, given that search volume (Envirofone data) for iPhones peaks in August and September every year. One reason for this is that the average phone contract lasts 15 months, meaning that many people are ready to move on come autumn time.

Envirofone data suggests that the iPhone 12 will depreciate by around 23 percent after this period, while the iPhone 11 is set to sell for 17 percent less. Unfortunately, where Apple is concerned, tech moves fast, which means that if you’ve got a device that’s 12 months old, you could receive 23 percent less in trade value come October (based on trend data for the iPhone X and iPhone XR ranges in 2019). To put things in perspective, that means up to £122 less for the iPhone 12 and up to £164 for the 12 Pro Max.

For those who own an iPhone 11 model that’s older than 15 months by November time, you can expect to receive up to £65 less. This increases to £78 for the Pro model and up to £85 for the Pro Max range.


August is the optimal month to trade in an iPhone 11 or 12


As you can probably guess, the expected decrease in demand for iPhone 11 and 12 handsets after the September release means trading your smartphone in August will reap more value (based on iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone XR data from 2019).


iPhone 12 depreciation


As you can see from the graph, premium iPhone 12 handsets that boast the most functionality, such as the Pro Max 512GB, could see up to £164 wiped off their original price tag. However, in percentage terms, expected depreciation is slightly less than the standard models (approximately 22.93 percent). That’s because things like processing power and camera resolution are superior, making them more desirable.

Although the difference is only marginal, models at the lower end of the iPhone 12 spectrum, such as the 64GB standard, are expected to see the most considerable percentage reduction come October 2021 — as much as 23.09 percent. In any case, we can glean from this data that all iPhone 12 handsets will see a significant and immediate drop in value after the launch of their successor.


iPhone 11 depreciation



Following trends from 2019, Envirofone data indicates that all handsets in the iPhone 11 range will also see a substantial decrease in value after September. As with the iPhone 12, it’s the Pro Max series that will see the most significant loss in retail value, dropping by £85.00 (17 percent decrease). However, we expect to see more than 17 percent lost on both iPhone 11 64GB and 128GB handsets (as of August) due to lesser functionality and storage than more expensive models.


It’s time to cash in your iPhone 11 or 12


If you’re reading this and it’s still August, trade in your old iPhone today. By acting now, you could earn up to £164 more than waiting for the release of Apple’s iPhone 13.


It couldn’t be easier. Simply pop your iPhone 11 or 12 in one of our free postal bags, and we’ll run a few tests to determine its value, based on factors such as condition. Then it’s simply a case of kicking back and waiting for the cash to roll in! Head over to our selling page today for further information.

*prices displayed are based on the time of publication 

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