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iPhone 14 Rumours and Leaks

Mobile news | by Nathan Lockwood | Aug 10, 2022

iPhone 14 Rumours and Leaks

iPhone 14 Rumours and Leaks

Rumours and leaks for the iPhone 14 are heating up. And if Apple continues with their normal timeline of events, we are only a couple of months away from getting the next iPhone. But what will the next iPhone be? Here’s everything we know so far about the iPhone 14 and  what it may have to offer.


iPhone 14 rumoured models

Over the last few years, we have usually seen four different versions of the iPhone. With the iPhone 13 launch we saw the normal iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 pro, and iPhone 13 pro max. It seems this year, we are going to see a bit of a switch up.

It seems the mini version is being side-lined  due to low sales.. Instead Apple are going for a different approach. Rather than a mini version of the iPhone 14, there will be a new iPhone 14 Plus/Max. Rumours are a bit torn on the name of this version so far.

The iPhone 14 Plus/Max will feature many of the same features that the standard iPhone 14 has, but with a larger frame. Rumoured to be 6.7 inches in size, you can enjoy a larger iPhone 14 without having to splash the cash on a pro model. But from rumours, you may want to opt for the latter. We will get onto this a bit further down.

As expected, there will be an iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max model to get. Both with the same sizes as their counterparts. The iPhone 14 Pro said to sit at 6.1 inches and the Pro Max at 6.7. The normal iPhone 14 will also have a size of 6.1 inches.


iPhone 14 design

One of the key questions being asked is what will the iPhone 14 look like? When it comes to design, the iPhone 14 is rumoured to have the same flat edged design used on the iPhone 13 models, but with a few key changes:

Notch Removal

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are going to have major differences compared to the iPhone 14 and 14 Max. And the first is with the removal of the notch. The notch has been an unwanted feature on many iPhones over the years, and the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are rumoured to have it removed in favour of an alternate design. This does also mean that the Face ID feature is set to change slightly.

he iPhone 14 isT said to feature a singular hole punch style cut out that will contain the Face ID dot projector and a pill-shaped cut-out that will contain the front camera, Face ID infrared camera and other key parts. This change will NOT make its way to the iPhones 14 and 14 Max though, with both standard models still set to feature a notch on the front screen.


Another substantial change that has been rumoured for the iPhone 14 Pro is a new titanium frame. This would be the first time that titanium is used for an iPhone, replacing the stainless-steel frame of past models.

Titanium has added benefits, including being far more scratch and corrosion resistant. But it also means that the speaker and microphone grille are likely to be redesigned.

The standard iPhone 14 models are set to still feature the traditional stainless-steel frame.


iPhone 14 colours

The iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models are all set to feature a new colour. Rumours say that this new colour will be a purple shade, made with a unique finish that shifts tone depending on the lighting.

  • The iPhone 14 and 14 Max are rumoured to be available in black, white, blue, red, and purple.
  • The iPhone 14 pro and pro max rumoured to be available in graphite, gold, silver and purple.


iPhone 14 camera rumours

With every iPhone you can expect several camera upgrades. It is almost guaranteed every year. And there will certainly be improvements to the iPhone 14. All models are rumoured to feature an upgraded front lens with a wide f/1.9 aperture and improved autofocus. An upgrade to the ultrawide camera is also rumoured, but there are no specifics on this currently.

As is the trend with the rumours so far, it looks like the pro models are going to see the biggest improvements. With the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max both set to feature 48MP cameras and 8K video recording. Along with improvements to the wide-angle camera and telephoto lens.

These changes mean that it is highly likely that the camera bumps will get a bit larger. The rumoured number is a 5% increase in size.


iPhone 14 specs

New Chips

According to various rumours, the new Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 chip will be used in iPhone 14 models. And there is quite a lot this has to offer, being the first 10-gigabit 5G modem that will allow for faster connectivity speeds. Not only that but it will also allow for several new satellite-based emergency features. Users will be able to send text messages in emergency situations and report any accidents without any cellular coverage.

That is not all though. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are also rumoured to feature a new, faster A16 chip. While the iPhones 14 and 14 Max are set to feature the same A15 chip that is used in iPhone 13 models. Though a new A16 chip may seem important, rumours circulating suggest that improvement wise it will be limited, and the new chip is more purposed for marketing.

With new faster chips being implemented, a new vapor chamber thermal system may also be in the works to lessen the impact of the high-speeds and heat issue. It is rumoured that this system would be included with the Pro and Pro Max models due to their higher requirements.


We all want our phones to be able to refresh as smoothly as possible. And 120Hz refresh rate is obviously the desired option. However this is likely going to be restricted to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, while the iPhones 14 and 14 Max could get a 90Hz refresh rate display.

There are several rumours that ProMotion technology could be used with the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. But due to lack of availability, it is likely to be restricted to these models.

Recent rumours also suggest that one of the iPhone 14 models will feature a standard LTPS OLED display. Though it is unconfirmed which one.


iPhone 14 Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 6E seems like it will be featured on all iPhone 14 models according to different rumours. Wi-Fi 6E offers high-speed wireless transmission that meet the necessary requirements for AR and VR experiences. While also taking advantage of the 6GHz band.


iPhone 14 Storage

In terms of storage size, it is likely to remain the same as previous iPhone models. With a max of 1TB on Pro Models and 128GB minimum on all models. There have been rumours that a 2TB version could be released, but this is unlikely.


How much will the iPhone 14 be?

With the mini version set to be side-lined and huge additions to the iPhone 14 pro models, there are quite a few changes to be expected price wise.

The iPhone 14 standard model is expected to stay at the normal price of £779/$799, and the new iPhone 14 Max/Plus model set to be valued at £879/$899.

But the biggest price hike will come to the 14 Pro and Pro Max. With the iPhone 14 Pro rumoured to be rising to £1079/$1099 and the Pro Max to £1179/$1199.


When is the iPhone 14 coming out?

The iPhone 14 announcement date is likely to be sometime in September of this year, assuming Apple follow their usual timeline of events. Recent leaks say that the launch of the iPhone 14 is set to be on the 13th of September, which does seem to be accurate.


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