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iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Sep 19, 2023

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15

With Apple releasing the new iPhone 15 models, we know this means new features and upgrades. But is it worth trading in your iPhone 14 for the iPhone 15? We’ll help you decide by comparing the two devices features.

In this blog, we’ll compare all the features and functionalities so that you can choose the perfect handset for you.


Design and size:

Focussing on the design aspect of the iPhone, again like the previous models there is no significant difference in the way the iPhone 15 looks.  The iPhone 15 still has a screen size of 6.1 inches like the 14 model however, it has slightly altered dimensions.


iPhone 15 5.81 inches x 2.82 inches x 0.31 inches
iPhone 14 5.78 inches x 2.82 inches x o.31 inches


Another difference is how the iPhone 15 has a colour infused glass back, which means this model is the first by Apple ever to have the iPhone colour ‘embedded throughout a single piece of durable colour infused back glass’.

Finally, the iPhone 15 will be supported by the USB-C charging port compared to the iPhone 14 being supported by the Lightning Port.



The iPhone 15 is bringing huge upgrades compared to its previous model. Starting with night mode, the iPhone 15 camera brings sharper details to images in much more vivid colours, meaning no matter what environment you’re in, your images will be clear, crisp, and perfect. The 15 will also be more precise with detecting people in frame containing rich depth within photos.

Although these changes will be significant, there are still some features available on this phone that were also present on the 14, and that’s the 48MP sensor and 12MP ultra-wide lens.


iPhone 15

Advanced dual-camera system.

24MP and 48MP.

Focus and Depth Control feature.

Ultra-Wide feature.

iPhone 14

Dual Camera System.

12MP Main camera.

Ultra Wide feature.




The battery life of the two devices is still very similar, with up to 26 hours video playback available on the iPhone 15 like the 14 model.

The devices both can last around 24 hours without needing to be charged, as Apple promised the iPhone 15 would have the same battery life as its previous model.



We hope you enjoyed the blog.  Overall, there seems to be some significant differences between the two models. The main feature being the USB-C charging port difference and the changes in the iPhone camera quality.

But the iPhone 14 is still a great option, and if you don’t want to upgrade to the latest upcoming device, why not check out our refurbished iPhone 14 devices on our website?

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