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Is Your iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo?

How to guide | by Nathan Lockwood | Feb 18, 2022

Is Your iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo?

A lot of us have had the slight feeling of worry when our iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo. A problem that has persisted across multiple models, and it does become a bit of a pain. Well thankfully, there are a few very quick and easy fixes that will have you back online in no time.


Before you go rushing to use multiple methods, if your iPhone isn’t turning on, just make sure it is on charge.

The quick and easy solution to “my iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo” is simply to restart it. Though you may not have access to the power options, there is a very fast and safe alternate method. This forceful restart won’t affect your device in anyway, so there is no need to be concerned.


Hard Reset:

Hard resetting your iPhone will often correct the issue, but not 100% of the time. But it is always worth doing this the first time to try and quickly get past any minor glitches.

If your iPhone 6s is stuck on the Apple logo, to hard reset simply press and hold the power and home buttons at the same time to force your phone to shut down. This works for all models before the 6s as well. Doing this will cause the Apple logo fade off your screen and the screen to go black, before the logo reappears.

To hard reset your iPhone 7, simply press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Once you see the Apple logo disappear and then your screen goes black, followed by the Apple logo showing up once again, the hard reset will have worked.

And if you are using an iPhone 8 or a newer model, there is a couple of extra steps. First press and release the volume up button on the side of your phone. Follow up by pressing the volume down button. After pressing the volume down button, press and hold the side button for around 10 seconds until the Apple logo disappears. These steps need to be quickly performed one after another.

Maybe your iPad is stuck on the Apple logo screen. Well to hard reset an iPad model without a home button, follow the same method as iPhone 8 or newer models. Volume up, volume down and power button for 10 seconds. For models with a home button, just follow the same procedure as the iPhone 6s or below model iPhones. It works just the same.


Recovery Mode:

As I mentioned, the hard reset will not always work, and so other methods will have to be taken. Recovery mode involves connecting your iPhone or iPad to your computer in order to see if your phone needs restoring or updating.

Before doing this, it is recommended that you attempt to charge your phone or iPad for an hour to see if anything changes. If not then you can go ahead.


To put your iPhone 6s into recovery mode, use a USB or other suitable cable to connect your phone to your computer. Once on your computer, open iTunes. Now that your iPhone and computer are connected, press and hold the power and home buttons on your iPhone at the same time until the recovery mode screen appears. Ensure you select recovery mode if you do not want to lose your data, then give it a bit of time to update. This process is the same for any iPad with a home button.

For iPhone 7 models, again connect your iPhone to your computer. Make sure iTunes is open on your computer. Then press and hold the top or side button and volume down buttons at the same time, and do so until the recovery mode screen appears.

And for models 8 and above. Ensure your iPhone is connected to your computer which has iTunes open as before. Then in quick succession, press and release the volume up button, then quickly do the same with the volume down button, and then hold the bide button until the recovery screen appears. This is the same for newer iPad models.

Following the recovery mode methods will involve you using your computer and iTunes to update your phone. The process should take up to 15 minutes. If the recovery has not completed after this time frame, it will exit recovery mode and you should attempt to repeat the stated steps once again.

And with that, your phone should be working as normal! If your iPhone continues to have problems, it is recommended that you contact Apple for in-depth support.

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