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Reported Battery Drain With iOS 15.4

Mobile news | by Nathan Lockwood | Mar 30, 2022

Reported Battery Drain With iOS 15.4

Has your iPhone’s battery been draining quite rapidly recently? Following the release of Apple’s iOS 15.4, numerous reports have been coming out that some Apple devices are seeing a sharp fall in battery life. Even when you are barely using the device, you may find that it quickly runs out.

Should I Be Worried About This Issue?

There is little reason to be concerned that your iPhone or iPad is suffering from battery drain or might suffer from it once the update has complete. Battery drain issues are common after an iOS update, it happened with iOS 14 and the same is happening here. Yes, the quickly draining battery is an annoyance, but it is only temporary.

Apple’s Response

With some complaints coming in about battery drain with iOS 15.4, Apple did a short response online. Explaining that any battery life problems are only temporary and will clear in just a couple of days. And that the cause behind most battery draining issues is simply the device is working overtime to adapt to the changes.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Rapid Battery Drain

If you find that your battery is draining faster than expected, then we have a few tips and tricks to share to make sure that you get the longest use out of it as possible.

Battery Health

First thing you should do is check your iPhone batteries health. This is very simple to do, and worth doing if you have had your iPhone for a number of years. Simply go into your phone's settings, head into the battery section and press on battery health. Here you want to keep your eyes out for a maximum capacity over 85% and “peak performance capability” as these two pieces of information mean that your batteries health is at its peak.

Limit App Usage

When it comes to slowing battery loss, the biggest thing you can do is limit your use of intensive apps. This is something we all know to do when we are in a state of panic as our phone draws closer to dying. To make this effective, you will want to check the battery usage by app section under the battery page in settings. Here you will be able to see what apps are using the most battery and so, which to avoid using.

Lower Brightness

Brightness is another huge part to keeping your battery extended. Many of you may just slide it down to near minimum and be done with it. But there are ways to limit your brightness far more effectively. What you want to do is turn off true tone and switch on dark mode. These can both be done in the display & darkness settings. Turning off true tone will stop the brightness from automatically adjusting based on lighting, and dark mode limits the brightness emitting from your phone.

Turn Off Notifications

Notifications can have quite a toll on your phone’s battery. Turning notifications off or entering do not disturb mode are two good options, but then you are likely to miss something important if it comes up. In this case, you should turn off all notifications you don’t need and avoid keeping your phone face up. By keeping your phone face down, it will not automatically wake up and spam you with notifications.

Switch Off Location

Lastly, turn off your GPS. When your location is turned on, your phone is keeping a constant track of where you are and giving that information to any permitted apps. Which is very costly on your battery life. Though the information that is provided through location-based services is useful, it is something you can easily miss out on for the time being.

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