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Samsung Galaxy S21 - Rumours, leaks, pricing and features

Mobile news | by Nathan Lockwood | Feb 18, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S21 - Rumours, leaks, pricing and features

Samsung Galaxy S21 unpacked event  - Rumours, leaks, pricing and features

Samsung have announced that on Thursday 14th of January at 3pm in the United Kingdom, there will be a Galaxy Unpacked event to show off the new collection of Samsung Galaxy S21 phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S21, the S21+ and S21 Ultra. With an upcoming release of this new phone, we are going to go over some important information that you will need to know.  

Release Date

The first key piece of information is the release date. Usually, Samsung would release a new phone a few months into a new year, around February and March, but this year Samsung have decided to begin the year with a bang. With an “Unpacked” event on the 14th of January, we can expect the release to take place at the end of the month, with the 29th due to be the official release date. The S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra are all set to release around the same time, but expect to learn more on the 14th January.  



Due to the great specifications and top-tier features of the Samsung S21, the price is set to be quite high. Depending on the version of the S21, will depend on the cost of the phone, with the Samsung Galaxy S21 set to cost around £900, the S21+ set to cost around £1000 and the S21 Ultra set to cost around £1100. Of course, this could be different to the exact cost, we should expect a more specific cost to be announced during the “Unpacked” event.  

Specification rumours


The most important parts about the S21 are the specifications included within it. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is packed full of features and specifications. Some of the main parts being: 

  • Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED Display – with a 6.2-inch display, filling your whole screen with amazing quality that allows you to experience the highest quality of online entertainment. The S21+ is set to have a 6.7-inch display. 

  • High grade rear camera – allowing you to take high quality photos at normal zoom (12MP), ultra-wide (12MP) and 64MP telephoto. These lenses are accompanied with super resolution zooms that allow you to take the highest quality photos from further away.   

  • 10 MP front camera – take immense selfies with the incredible 32 MP front camera 

  • 5G connectivity – the Samsung Galaxy S21 allows you to use 5G meaning that you experience the best online action with barely any lag 

  • Super smooth 120HZ screen – thanks to the 120HZ refresh rate, the S21’s phenomenal display makes it two times as fast as most phones. This allows you to scroll through your phone super quickly 

  • Phenomenal battery life – with a 4000 mAh battery, the S21 will last the whole day and even longer, and when you need more battery the S21 will save plenty of battery life. The S21+ is set to have a 4800 mAh.  

  • Storage – the S21 is set to have an internal storage of 128GB or 256GBs depending on the version you buy. 

  • The S21 is set to have a whole 8GBs of RAM to improve the performance of your device. 

  • It is rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will have an Exynos 2100 CPU in Europe, that will increase the speed of the S21 massively. 

There are a few leaks and rumours at S21 that are important to know. This could include any extra features or compatible devices: 

  • The first is that Samsung’s Bixby (the Samsung digital assistant) will return, but without a button to activate it and the ability to unlock your phone with voice recognition.  

  • There is rumoured to be a superfast 64mm ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, that will allow you to access your phone with extraordinary speed. 

  • The S21 and S21+ will not include a S-pen, but S21 Ultra will have stylus pen compatibility.  

  • The Samsung S21 Galaxy should include extra features such as wireless charging, waterproof and dustproof capabilities and much more.  

As we draw closer to the Samsung Galaxy S21 unveiling, we can only speculate so much before details are confirmed. Expect more details from us after the “Unpacked” event has finished.  


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