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Samsung Galaxy S24: Latest News and Features

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Nov 08, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S24: Latest News and Features

Is there going to be a Samsung S24?

2024 is fast approaching and with a new year comes new tech, and with new tech comes the new Samsung Galaxy S24! In 2023, Samsung introduced the S23 phone, which was released February 17th, now we are nearing the end of the year, Samsung fans are eagerly expecting the drop of the next release date. The device is expected to launch late January 2024 with a Samsung Event possibly being held a couple weeks prior.

With a potential release date approaching, we are here to provide insights into the upcoming Samsung Phone, detailing our expectations and potential features we might encounter.


What are the features of the S24?

The Samsung S Series Phones are extremely popular amongst tech fans, their use of premium materials like glass and aluminium compared to the plastic body of the previous A Series models makes them very popular with fans, it’s no shock how loved these phones are. The S24 is expected to receive some of the biggest updates in the Series, so let’s take a look at what’s rumoured to be featured.

(The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is yet to be confirmed, we assume due to the success of its previous models the Ultra will go ahead, however as of current time, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra release date has not been announced. )

Addition Of AI:

The S24 is already being nicknamed ‘Samsung’s First Generative AI Phone’, and with the takeover of AI amongst other mobile devices like the Google Pixel 8, we aren’t surprised to hear that AI will feature heavily in this new model. Some of the new AI features that will possibly be included are improved virtual assistants, an AI camera, and a converting text to images option.

Exynos Chip:

Within 2023, Samsung announced the release of its new Exynos 2400 Chip which is said to have 30% faster GPU and 14.7% faster NPU. This new powerful chip has been rumoured to power the S24, making the phone much faster with a quicker processor.


What are the rumoured features of the S24?

  • Possible processor – Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Processor.
  • Camera – Quad Camera, 200MP and 12MP Selfies mode.
  • Storage – 256GB.
Previous Samsung S23 Features:  
Storage-  Up to 256GB
Display-  6.1” Dynamic AMOLED
Battery-  3,900mAh
Charging-  Wireless and wired
Colours-  Cream, Phantom Black, Green, Lavander
Camera-  200MP Adaptive Pixel
S Pen-  Included

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