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Samsung Galaxy S24: Latest News and Features

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Mar 05, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24: Latest News and Features

What is so special about S24?

2024 is fast approaching and with a new year comes new tech, and with new tech comes the new Samsung Galaxy S24! In 2023, Samsung introduced the Samsung S23 phone, which was released on February 17th, now we are nearing the end of the year, and Samsung fans are eagerly expecting the drop of the next release date. The device is expected to launch in late January 2024 with a Samsung Event possibly being held a couple of weeks prior.

With a potential release date approaching, we are here to provide insights into the upcoming Samsung Phone, detailing our expectations and potential features we might encounter.

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What are the features of the S24?

The Samsung S Series Phones are extremely popular amongst tech fans, their use of premium materials like glass and aluminium compared to the plastic body of the previous A-Series models makes them very popular with fans, it’s no shock how loved these phones are. The S24 is expected to receive some of the biggest updates in the Series, so let’s take a look at what’s rumoured to be featured.

Exynos Chip:

Within 2023, Samsung announced the release of its new Exynos 2400 Chip which is said to have a 30% faster GPU and 14.7% faster NPU. This new powerful chip has been rumoured to power the S24, making the phone much faster with a quicker processor.


What is Galaxy Ai?

The Samsung S24 has been described as the very first ‘Ai Powered’ Samsung phone which will be fuelled by Galaxy AI, Samsungs exciting new tech which will offer artificial intelligence in the palm of a user’s hand. This AI will alter how we interact with our phones releasing new ways to create and connect with others. Whilst there are a lot of new AI features on the Samsung S24, there are 5 features in particular that we can’t wait to check out!


Circle To Search – We have all been there when you see something pop up on your screen that catches your eye, and you want to find more. So you have to leave your feed, open a new tab and search for the information. With Circle To Search, you do exactly as it sounds. Using your finger or S Pen, draw a circle around the object/text and automatically a Google Search Result will pop up. Quickly get an answer without even leaving your feed!

Live Translate – Great for if you’re working or travelling abroad, translate phone calls, text messages, voice memos and more with the S24 near-real-time voice translations. Communicate with anyone in an instant with top-tier accuracy.

Note assist – Sometimes when we are in a rush, it can be easy to quickly jot something down into our note app, forget about it, and then find it a couple of days or weeks later and have absolutely no idea what we meant. With Note Assist, simplify and change your notes on your phone into voice memos, paragraphs, clear bullet notes, language translations and more. Completely organise your life on your notes app.

Generative Edit - Great for anyone interested in photography or anyone after that picture-perfect memory, once you have taken a photo use this option to transform an ordinary photo into a masterpiece. You can erase objects from images, recompose and remaster your images… you’ll feel like a professional with the simple tap of a button.

Chat Assist - Quite similar to the popular Chat GPT, get real-time tone which suggests how to make your writing sound more professional, chatty, conversational and more. With the AI tech built into the keyboard, seamlessly translate any text you want.


What are the rumoured features of the S24?

  • Possible processor – Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Processor.
  • Camera – Quad Camera, 200MP and 12MP Selfies mode.
  • Storage – 256GB.
Previous Samsung S23 Features:  
Storage-  Up to 256GB
Display-  6.1” Dynamic AMOLED
Battery-  3,900mAh
Charging-  Wireless and wired
Colours-  Cream, Phantom Black, Green, Lavander
Camera-  200MP Adaptive Pixel
S Pen-  Included

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