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Sell Your Old iPhone Ahead Of The Apple Launch To Get The Best Price

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Aug 23, 2023

Sell Your Old iPhone Ahead Of The Apple Launch To Get The Best Price

With the iPhone 15 launching sometime in September this year, at Envirofone we expect that some iPhones will lose value of up to £102 ahead of the phones upcoming release. As the release date approaches, many will look to upgrade their device without hesitation for the newer model. And some will even decide to sell their current device to help cover the expenses of the iPhone 15.

We have predicted the expected depreciation for iPhone models by analysing prices between now and October 2023 to determine the price drop ahead of the iPhone 15 release, and in this blog, we will reveal which iPhones models will decrease in value ahead of the release next month.



Which iPhones will decrease in value?

iPhone depreciation


iPhone 14 Pro 128GB:

It is estimated that iPhone 14 Pro 128GB will see the biggest price drop. The data reveals that most iPhone 14 models will see significant drop following the launch of its successor. The Pro 128GB and Plus 128GB will see the highest drop at 16% with both model’s price dropping by £102 and £83 respectively.


iPhone 13:

The iPhone 13 could see a price drop of up to £86. With the iPhone 13 being over two years old, it’s not surprising that its taking a price hit. The iPhone 13 is expected to see a price drop between £34-86 depending on the model once the iPhone 15 launches.


iPhone 12:

iPhone 12 models could drop up to £41. The iPhone 12 sees similar patterns to the newer version with price drops across models analysed between 7 - 11%. Customers could see a potential price drop between £21-41 depending on the iPhone 12 model once the latest device is release.



Denise Timmis, Brand Manager at Envirofone comments: “The latest iPhone announcement and launch in September is big news for tech fans. However, it’s also a time when older iPhone models lose value as newer models usually come with new features and designs, which makes older models less desirable for consumers.

Our findings reveal that your iPhone could depreciate up to 16% within the first month of the iPhone 15 release. We recommend that if you’re thinking about trading in your older device ahead of the launch you should do this in August, a month before the release date.

The amount your iPhone will depreciate will depend entirely on the specific model and condition it is in. If you want to trade in or sell your phone ahead of the iPhone 15 launch, simply visit Envirofone and follow the steps to get started.”

Head to Envirofone today to trade in your old iPhones before the price drop



Envirofone analysed trade-in value data to calculate the average percentage decrease in value once the latest model is released. Price displayed are based on the time of the publication.

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