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TikTok safeguarding tips for parents

Lifestyle | by Denise Timmis | Sep 06, 2022

TikTok safeguarding tips for parents

How can I keep my child safe on TikTok?

TikTok, is the social media networking app with the most addictive algorithm. The average user now spends approximately 21 hours on the app monthly watching TikTok videos. With the rise in screen time sharply rising, parents are becoming increasingly aware of the damaging impact that this overstimulation can have on young people's mental health and internet safety. And with over 1 billion active users already, the platform is showing no signs of slowing down. 

However, it is becoming challenging for parents to stay vigilant in an ever-changing online space. Children and teenagers have secretly curated ways to boost their screen time and hide their activity on the app, meaning they have a high likelihood of being exposed to adult material.

Here are some TikTok tips in this blog post to help parents navigate their children’s online safety...

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But what is e-safety? And why is e-safety important? It is simply the safe and responsible use of technology, using the internet and other means of electronic media communication is a safe way to reduce the harms that can occur online. A way to maintain e-safety is through safeguarding. 


1. What can parents see on family pairing on TikTok?

By linking your child’s TikTok account to yours, you can disable direct messages, turn on restricted content mode, and set screen time limits using your phone. You must scan the QR code inside the Digital Wellbeing section of your kid’s TikTok account from the settings option to activate it. This will then link the two versions.  

2. What does restricted mode mean in TikTok?

There is a Restricted mode for accounts that can filter out mature content on TikTok. It uses an "automated detection system", and human moderators are trained to identify specific inappropriate themes. If there are comments or content in general that is deemed inappropriate for kids, messages like 'restricted mode has hidden comments for this video' will appear on the screen. The restricted mode only applies to videos; children can still access explicit music when making their videos. 


3. Does TikTok have a screen time?

TikTok has its restrictions on screen time. The limit can be 40, 60, 90, or 120 minutes before a pop-up asks users to leave the programme. Users must provide a passcode to dismiss the warning and keep using TikTok. If you want to stop your child from disabling screen time limitations without your permission, use Family Pairing. Remember, you can also view your screen time on your phone's settings to monitor how long your child's been on their device. Most phones also offer a weekly report of screen time giving analytics of your weekly screen time. 


4. How do I activate guided access?

If your child uses your iPhone or iPad for screen time, then the guided access feature is a must! This will prevent your children from swiping off any app, sending texts, or finding anything they shouldn’t be looking at! Activate the guided access feature in your iPhone settings, and you head to the app you want to use; triple-tap the side of your phone, and it will lock on the screen. To unlock, click three times and then enter your passcode. There is also guided access for Android options too, make sure to explore your settings!


5. What does a private account mean on TikTok?

With this type of account, only the creator and followers who the creator has approved can view a private TikTok account. Private accounts are given to users under the age of sixteen by default. However, any account can be made private. As well as this, a filter can be turned on on TikTok which means you can see who has viewed your profile, like a private TikTok account view. 


6. How do I block TikTok at night?

Bedtime block on app alerts – TikTok has announced a feature preventing teenagers from receiving notifications past bedtime. They will no longer send messages after 9 pm to users 13-15 years old. But for 16 and 17-year-olds, notifications will not be sent after 10 pm.


7. Stop kids from deleting and redownloading apps for longer screen time.

One trick children and teens are using to keep their screen time down is deleting the app once it’s reached its maximum screen time. To make sure your child cannot do this, head to your iTunes & App Store purchases in your settings, choose ‘Don’t Allow’ for installing, deleting and in-app purchases, and this will stop them from being able to use this hack.

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TikTok Pros: TikTok Cons:
  • Great for education
  • Entertaining
  • Communication channel
  • Creativity
  • Freedom of expression
  • Hard to monitor
  • Wastes time
  • Addictive



Thank you for checking out our blog helping you with staying safe online. As phones get more intelligent, so do the security and safeguarding children features, hopefully, these TikTok tips and tricks will help you feel a lot better when giving your children access to posting online and the type of TikTok content available. And remember, these won't only work for TikTok, try them on other popular apps too like Instagram and YouTube. Visit our refurbished phone shop and pick up a device that puts you one step ahead.

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