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Why Is My Smartphone So Slow?

Phone advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Aug 07, 2023

Why Is My Smartphone So Slow?

From communicating with friends to keeping up to date on the latest news, it’s clear that our pocket-sized devices are our best companions. However, you may notice overtime that they tend to slow down which can therefore cause lots of frustration and a lack in productivity.

That’s why in this blog, we have provided you with our 7 top tips that are sure to improve your smartphones speed performance! So, lets delve into how to speed up your smartphone!

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Clear Your Storage:

Clearing the memory on your phone ultimately results in your phones performance improving. If you have any unwanted apps, notifications, or data in your phone it is a good idea to remove these as they fill up your software meaning your phone has to work even harder, impacting your devices speed.

By simply removing old apps, deleting your recently deleted folder, or clearing any old emails this will clear storage which will positively affect your devices speed performance.


Limit Background Apps:

Even when you aren’t using all your apps, they are still working in the background on your phone without you realising. By limiting which apps are working in the background your phone doesn’t have to work as hard, therefore meaning it wont take as long to load which improves speed time.

For a background app refresh android or iphone version, to limit your background apps, this can be done on most devices ‘Settings’, where you can choose which apps continue to run in the background and which don’t.


Clear Your Devices Cache:

Cache is a high-speed data storage layer that stores data, so future requests for the data can be served faster. However, over time this data builds up, ironically making your phone slow down.

Occasionally it is good to clear your cache, as this can fix certain problems like loading times, formatting issues and overall speed. To do this, look on your Settings App for the Cache option to clear.


Remove Unneeded Widgets:

Widgets are recently new features brought to the iPhone, which show its users the latest information from their favourite apps.

Some of the app’s widgets is available on:

  • Weather.
  • News.
  • Calendar.
  • Snapchat.

But although helpful, these can build up a large amount of data which means your phone tends to slow down.

To fix this, reduce the number of widgets on your home screen to just the best iphone widgets or even completely remove them and any live photo backgrounds and embrace the static iPhone wallpaper. Its incredibly helpful for improving speed!


Turn On Data Saver Mode:

Lots of smartphones offer a feature in their settings app which restricts background data usage called Data Saver Mode. This feature is very useful as it helps users save on data storage but also at the same time improves performance speed because it reduces unnecessary data transfers.


Disable Certain Push Notifications:

Sometimes its helpful getting a notification from the latest news update, or when its supposed to be rain, but when you are getting a notification every minute reminding you someone you follow on Instagram has posted, it can get quite annoying.

Continual notifications from apps that aren’t important is one of the leading problems in performance speed and reducing battery life. To streamline your smartphones performance, disabling the notifications of the apps that you rarely use is a good way to boost your phones speed time.


Restart Your Phone Regularly:

A quick reset is a great way to clear any immediate memory and close any current processes. This doesn’t affect any of the apps or data on your phone also and is a quick way to speed up your phone.

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Thank you so much for reading! By using these quick tips, you can ensure your smartphone stays as your trusty companion for all your digital needs.

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