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Apples ‘Scary Fast’ Event 2023 Highlights

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Oct 31, 2023

Apples ‘Scary Fast’ Event 2023 Highlights

On October 30th 2023, Apple held a very last-minute virtual spooky, themed event known as Apple's ‘Scary Fast’ Event. Fans were uncertain about what to expect, given that the previous Apple September events had occurred just a couple of months ago and had already revealed details about the new iPhone in September 2023. The new event updated fans on the latest next-gen M3 chips, including the M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max. As well as this, it was also announced that there would be some new products being released supporting these updated processors, a new MacBook Pro and a new iMac.

In this blog, we take a look at the highlights of the Apple Event, keeping you updated on the recent news keeping you in the loop. This is one event you do not want to miss, so let’s begin!

Apple October Roundup:
  • M3 Processors
  • MacBook Pro 14" and 16"
  • iMac 24"




What is Apple releasing in October 2023?

M3 Chip:

The biggest announcement of the Apple Event was very clearly the new M series chips, which have been being produced since 2020. All three of the new chips are now built on a 3-nanometer process, packing more transistors into a smaller space enhancing both speed and power efficiency. The new chips will offer speed improvements with up to 246GB of unified memory.

What is Apple's latest M Series chip?

  • Dynamic Caching- Enables processor to allocate memory for each task dynamically.
  • Ray Tracing- Benefits graphics, as game developers can utilise it to accurately illustrate lighting elements like reflections and shadows.
  • Mesh Shading- Also benefits graphics, helping to visually elaborate scenes within games to appear smoother without skips.


MacBook Pro - 14”+16”:

Another announcement made by Apple in their recent event was the release of their upcoming MacBook Pro, which will be available in both 14” and 16”. Considering that 2 years ago Apple completely revamped the exterior of the MacBook, it was no surprise that this time they would focus on the interior.

What is the new feature on MacBook Pro?

  • M3 Chip Processor- The new processor will be included in the MacBook, as now you can pair a base-level chip with a pro-level chassis making the device 60% faster than the previous M1-powered MacBook.
  • Screen Brightness- The screen will be 20% brighter than past models.
  • Battery Improvements- The battery now lasts up to 22 hours.
  • Colours Available- As well as the Silver and Space Grey, a new Space Black has been released for Apple fans to order.


iMac - 24”:

And finally, a release Apple fans were expecting was the release of a new iMac. Considering it’s been over 2 years since a significant update for the iMac, this Mac events announcement could be considered the most anticipated.

The hardware of this new iMac will remain the same, with the device being available in the same colours as previously also. The one new feature, however, will be that the M3 Processor is added to the device, where buyers have the choice between an 8-core GPU and a 10-coreGPU.



We hope you enjoyed the blog. So, what do you think of the new updates? Were you expecting them? Will you be checking out these products when they hit the stores? Hopefully, this Apple event live blog has kept you up to date on all the latest releases.

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