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Celebrating National Clean Air Day: Green Apps for a Sustainable Future

Envirofone news | by Charlotte Bolton | Jun 14, 2023

Celebrating National Clean Air Day: Green Apps for a Sustainable Future

National Clean Air Day is an annual occasion promoting awareness about the importance of clean air for our health and the planet. It serves as a reminder that clean air is crucial for our well-being and encourages individuals and communities to take action to reduce air pollution.

At Envirofone, our focus is on the environment, and we have the solution! We revive old phones and provide them with a new home. By offering high-quality "like new" products at a fraction of the original cost, you won't need to search elsewhere. Trading old phones and giving them a second chance ensures they don't end up in landfills, where they can release harmful toxins into the atmosphere.

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But did you know you can contribute to environmental well-being even before your phone reaches its end by utilising various apps on your device? Yes, that's right! We have compiled a list of the top environmentally friendly apps that can aid in saving our planet.


Travelling can hurt the environment, contributing to global warming, and air pollution, and increasing our carbon footprint. When we use fuel for transportation, it releases large amounts of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. However, during the Covid pandemic, when people were staying indoors and travelling less, the amount of air pollution decreased by nearly 50%.

BlaBlaCar offers a solution to address this issue. It enables you to connect with individuals who are travelling to similar destinations as you, allowing you to share car rides and reduce air pollution. This app searches for other carpoolers, splits the transportation costs, and enables you to share rides.


Deforestation involves the large removal of forests and trees, typically to make room for non-forest purposes such as modern buildings. This process contributes to the build-up of carbon emissions in the air we breathe. When trees are cut down, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, losing their ability to sequester carbon. It is believed that deforestation accounts for around 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. Also, deforestation raises the risk of forest fires, further damaging the quality of the air we breathe.

Ecosia is a search engine similar to Google or Bing but with a unique environmental focus. Whenever Ecosia makes revenue from a search ad, the money is used to plant trees in various locations around the world. By conducting searches on your phone through Ecosia, you contribute to improving air pollution. Moreover, the app powers its servers using 100% renewable energy, meaning each search removes 1kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Vinted offers you the opportunity to buy and sell used items such as clothing and homeware, providing a second home for these previously owned goods. By choosing second-hand shopping instead of supporting fast fashion, you contribute to a 10% reduction in carbon emissions which is created by fast fashion factories. The Vinted app is accessible on both Apple and Android devices and is available for free. Enjoy purchasing from your favourite brands at a fraction of the original price!


In the UK, around 9.5 million tonnes of waste is discarded each year. When food is disposed of in landfills, it decomposes and releases methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas that harms air quality. It is believed that if we were to cut down on food waste, we could prevent about 36 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from polluting our atmosphere.

Karma provides a solution to rescue excess food from being thrown away. With this app, you can purchase food items that are nearing their expiry date at a discounted price. The app displays a map featuring all the available food options in your city. Visit these pick-up points before the expiration deadlines, make your payment through the app, and collect your items. Instead of wasting food, you have the freedom to choose what items you want to purchase. Best of all, this app is free for all users.

Love Clean Streets:

Were you aware that even the act of littering on the streets can have harmful consequences? Litter not only contributes to land and water pollution but also pollutes the air we breathe. Approximately 40% of litter is burned in the open air, releasing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, litter poses direct risks to animals, as they can become trapped or injured by it.

With this app, you can report environmental concerns in your local area with just a simple click. Capture a photo of excessive litter, street damage, or any other issue you come across. The app uses your GPS location to identify the correct authority. After providing a brief explanation of the problem in your image, the local council will take action to address it.


SearchScene is a sustainable search engine that actively combats climate change. The interesting aspect of this search engine is that it donates 95% of its profits to charities. What sets it apart is that users have the freedom to select the specific charity they wish to support through their searches. Furthermore, this search engine prioritises user privacy by not storing search history, and it offers browser extensions compatible with most major browsers. Best of all, this app is available for free to all users.


Monitor carbon intensity to improve your electricity usage at home and reduce your carbon footprint. By tracking carbon intensity levels, you can discover the best times to use electricity when the carbon intensity is low. This allows for more environmentally conscious energy consumption. The app connects to data feeds from the National Grid, providing updates every 5 minutes. With this information, you can easily identify periods of high or low carbon intensity and adjust your energy usage accordingly. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms.


With Storey, you can turn your clothing collection into a digital wardrobe, allowing you to easily assess what you own and what can be shared with others. By capturing pictures of your clothing and adding them to your digital wardrobe, the app begins suggesting combinations to mix and match, offering fresh outfit ideas and extending the lifespan of your current items. Furthermore, other users can view your wardrobe and profile, they can favourite items they like. If you decide that you no longer want certain clothing, you can sell those items to fellow users directly through the app. Storey is currently free and available on iOS devices.

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Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to install these apps and witness their positive impact on your life. Together, let's strive to make our planet a better place to live!

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