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Best Smartphone Apps For Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions

Phone advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Nov 21, 2023

Best Smartphone Apps For Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions

Christmas is right around the corner, very closely followed by New Year, and it will almost be time to shout Happy New Year 2024! And we know with the joys (and stress) of Christmas, cooking for the family, putting up the tree and lights, and getting the Christmas shopping completed, sometimes it can be very easy to forget about setting New Year resolutions and goals.

What do you put on a New Year's resolution?

But did you know your phone can help you get ready for the New Year? We are here to show you some of the best apps perfect for your New Year's 2024 to start it off with a bang! Join us as we look into the best apps for New Years Day 2024.

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Most popular New Year's Resolutions:
  • Excercise more
  • Lose weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Learn a new skill
  • Join a new hobby
  • Save money
  • Travel more
  • Get organised


How do you keep fitness New Year's resolutions? 

Last year, over half of UK citizens had exercise as their 2023 New Year resolution with less than 10% sticking to it! It can be difficult to dedicate a set amount of time each day to one specific thing, especially if work, school or other activities get in the way!

One of the major benefits of a new smartphone when it comes to fitness apps is that newer phones are more technical and precise, meaning if you are tracking your fitness workout on an app, the results are more likely going to be a lot more accurate and precise. As well as this, performance-wise a new phone is a lot superior, with less chance of malfunctioning midway through your session. These fitness apps are great tools for exercising from home, from workout tutorials to fitness journals we have you covered.

What is the best app for getting fit? 

  • MyFitnessPal – Android and iOS.
  • Strava – Android and iOS.
  • Runkeeper – Android and iOS.
  • Google Fit – Android and iOS.
  • Freeletics – Android and iOS.
  • FitNotes – Android and iOS.


How do you stay organized in the new year?

Another resolution that’s huge every year is keeping organised. With all those new gifts you’ve received for Christmas plus facing a new year, lots of people just fancy a fresh start to their home or living space.

When it comes to organisation also, you want the best tech to ensure you can follow all your tasks, a tablet is a great option for organisation apps as they are much easier to manage and allow users to easily split their screens. These organisation apps are great for keeping your things in check, whether that’s virtually or in person.

Is there an app to organize my day? 

  • Evernote – Android and iOS.
  • Todoist – Android and iOS.
  • Trello – Android and iOS.
  • – Android and iOS.
  • Toggl – Android and iOS.
  • Google Tasks – Android and iOS.


What are the benefits of keeping a journal on maintaining your New Year's resolution? 

Perhaps you are looking to improve your schoolwork, and intelligence, or want to take up a new hobby in writing. With these journaling apps, perfect your skills and become the ultimate writer!

Is there an app for keeping a journal? 

  • Day One – Android and iOS.
  • Penzu – Android and iOS.
  • Daylio – Android and iOS.
  • Reflectly – Android and iOS.
  • ClickUp – Android and iOS.
  • Diaro – Android and iOS.

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How do you set New Year's resolutions goals?

Maybe it’s not going through with the resolutions you struggle with but it's setting them in the first place. It can be hard to manage your New Year's resolutions, especially if you have a lot of them and want to keep them up for a whole year! These apps are great options for getting your goals into check, along with a checklist and journal section to cross off and monitor how your resolutions are going. It may seem like a funny New Years resolution, but keeping your resolutions going is a resolution in itself!

Is there an app to track daily goals?

  • ClickUp – Android and iOS.
  • Strides – iOS only.
  • Weekdone – Android, iOS and Windows 10.
  • Coach.Me – Android and iOS.
  • Goals On Track – Android and iOS.


Is it OK not to have New Year resolution?

But… maybe you’re not that interested in New Year resolutions, you don’t want to attempt anything you know you can’t maintain and it’s best not to try at all. If that’s you, we still have you covered! These streaming apps are great options for spending your New Year's Day slouched in your home, catching up with your favourite shows and movies before it’s back to work, take a look!

Which TV streaming service is best? 

  • Disney Plus – On all devices
  • Netflix – On all devices
  • Amazon Prime – On all devices
  • Hulu – On all devices (American only)
  • YouTube – On all devices
  • Twitch – On all devices

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We hope you enjoyed the blog.  What’s your New Year's Resolution? Make sure to check out if there are any apps that will make your experience easier!

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