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How To Keep Tech Safe In Winter

Tech advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Nov 09, 2023

How To Keep Tech Safe In Winter

Now we have said goodbye to those warm summer evenings, and the eerie atmosphere of Halloween is behind us, it’s time to welcome in the chill of winter as the year comes to an end. But did you know it's as equally important to keep your tech warm as well as yourself? That’s right! It’s extremely important to keep your electronics out of this cold during this time of the year.

That’s why in this blog, we are here to help keep you connected in the cold with 5 ways to keep your tech safe in the winter.

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Can The Cold Ruin Your Phone? 

Letting your phone freeze is just as bad as letting your phone overheat. When the electronic freezes, this can cause significant problems to your device’s battery, quickly draining your battery in minutes.

Another crucial reason why you should avoid letting your phone freeze is because of condensation. Water is more likely to become trapped inside your phone when it’s freezing causing detrimental problems to the inside of your tech. So, what are the tips you can follow to stop your phone from freezing?

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How Do I Keep My Phone From Freezing In The Cold? 

Thermal Phone Case:

What is the best phone case for winter? 

Thermal phone cases are great sources of protection from extreme temperatures, referring to both hot and cold conditions as they can also be used as cooling phone cases. In the cold, these phone cases keep the heat inside through insulation, as the heat particles cannot pass through the material. This means you are free to take your phone out and about and don’t have to worry about the cold getting to it. As well as this, these thermal phone pouches are also a great level of exterior protection, keeping your phone secure if you drop it.


Never Leave Tech In Cars Overnight 

Is it bad to leave electronics in a cold car overnight? 

As well as the risk of theft, keeping tech-like laptops in your car overnight can cause them lots of damage. The cold environment can cause condensation on the outside of windows to seep into your car and then into your laptop's hard drive causing serious damage. If condensation and water get into your hard drive, there is a risk of data loss and your laptop just simply never turning on again.

It’s best to just take your laptop and other tech inside on an evening where it's warm and dry, your laptop will thank you in the long run.


Portable Charger:

Did you know freezing temperatures can drain your battery power completely? Have you ever noticed apps tend to slow down and search engines take longer to load? This is due to the temperature getting to your phone. Simply put, the colder the temperature – the harder your phone must work.

How do I keep my battery from freezing?

Although this is a problem that is quite difficult to resolve, we advise to simply carry around a portable charger. This means if your phone dies whilst you are out, you can quickly recharge the battery with a charger whilst on the go.

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Portable Charger Best Choices:

  • Anker 521 - Best overall
  • Iniu Portable Charger - Best budget option
  • Apple MagSafe Battery Pack - Best for Apple


Warm Up Device Before Turning On 

So what do you do if your electronics have already been exposed to these harsh conditions, and you're scared to turn the device on in case it's broken?

The first rule is to never switch the device on straight away, it’s best to let your phone/tablet get used to the current room temperature then after a while slowly turn it on. By leaving your device to adapt to the room temperature you are reducing the risk of condensation building up and getting stuck inside the tech.


Go Wireless

Accessories like AirPods and wireless headphones are your best friend when it comes to keeping your tech warm. If you use wireless headphones to listen to your music, this way you can keep your phone inside your pocket or bag, away from the cold.


Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully, this blog has provided you with the best ways to keep your tech safe this winter. Have you tried these before, let us know if you have any other tips for keeping your phone warm in the comments below!

And remember, we have plenty of tech available on our website. Not looking for a mobile phone? Our tablet selection is a great alternative. And with our laptops, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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