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iPhone 16: Everything we know so far

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Feb 12, 2024

 iPhone 16: Everything we know so far

The classic iPhone release is usually towards the end of the year, specifically September/October. And since Apple release a new phone every year, we know it’s time to start talking about the Apple iPhone 16 which could be hitting our stores in up to 7 month's. Although the iPhone 15 had big changes when it came to aspects like the camera and new buttons, Apple fans were very disappointed with the iPhone 15 release saying there weren't any major upgrades. This time, there has been a lot of anticipation over what we could expect from the iPhone 16 and what new features may be included making people wonder if the iPhone 16 be different.

What we do know is that it can almost be assumed the iPhone 16 will have a variety of phone releases including the iPhone 16 Pro and Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max and that the look of the phone’s cameras may slightly be adapted due to a ‘design rumour’ being released showing us what the exterior may look like, more on this later.

In this blog, we take a look at the rumoured features on the iPhone 16 exploring what we may see in up to 7 month's to see if the iPhone 16 is worth being hyped up.

(Please note: All information in this blog is rumoured. Nothing has been confirmed.)

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Will the iPhone 16 have a design change?

When it comes to how the iPhone 16 will look, there has been a lot of talk on this topic with fans believing the phone will adopt a larger screen, especially for the Pro model, which we imagine could be a possibility as Apple are constantly switching up their screen sizes. As well as this, we guess we will see the return of the Action Button originally introduced along with the iPhone 15 and there’s been discussion on the new Capture Button which again, more on will be explained further in the blog.


What is new in the iPhone 16 update?

Diving inside the phone past its design, it is said that a faster A-Series chipset has been created for the 16 models which will improve the efficiency and performance of the phone.

The display and screen we can assume will be the OLED option after being on the iPhone for the previous few models. OLED displays are great for getting the best images around, providing a crisp, clear screen with stunning colour abilities. More on the display specs, it was also revealed Apple is debating using micro-lens technology to increase the brightness of its phone screen whilst also reducing it's power consumption. This theory is still up in the air at the moment, as this micro-lens tech has many pros and cons that must be considered. But we will make sure to update you in the future when more is revealed.

There is yet to be no announced iPhone 16 price, but we can assume this will be around the same price as previous models. 


Now we have taken a look at the interior and exterior of the iPhone 16, let’s have a look at its most important and talked about features…..


What is the camera change on the iPhone 16?

As we mentioned, there has been a ‘rumoured leak’ of what the iPhone 16 camera could look like, and from seeing the photos we can see it appears to be quite similar to the iPhone 12 offering a vertical camera layout, unlike the iPhone 13/14 diagonal layout. In our opinion, we think this change will be good. The iPhone 15 Pro camera was especially large taking up a lot of space on the back of the phone therefore making the phone feel smaller. Reducing this but keeping the cameras top quality is a feature change Apple needs to get onto.

Apple fans also believe this change could allow for spatial video recording to be included in Ultrawide and Wide cameras. The zoom options on the iPhone seem to improve yearly also, so could we see a super telephoto periscope camera that will increase that optical zoom ability?


What is the iPhone 16 capture button?

With the introduction of the Action Button on the iPhone 15, it was always evident that Apple would try and outdo this with their new model, and it seems like it be adding a new button. The Capture Button has been mentioned a lot by fans, with plenty online giving their opinion on this new potential we could be seeing.

The Capture Button is suspected to be located on the bottom right side of the phone with its main purpose being improving the camera quality and offering pro-level features. To zoom in and out users will slide their finger across the button, focus on objects with a light press and begin recording by pressing the button firmly. We cannot wait to see how this will look when the phone is revealed.


New features on iPhone 15:

  • Action button
  • New titanium back on Pro
  • New 48MP camera
  • Durable colour-infused glass
  • USB-C charging

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Other iPhone news...

There have also been talks of a possible flip phone coming soon from Apple, rivalling the Samsung Galaxy Flip and Fold series. Although we have little information on this yet it is assumed we won't see the phone released or even announced in 2024, and the flip series may hit our stores in late 2025, or early 2026. We cannot wait to learn more about this new tech and we will be here to document it when more news is released. 



Thank you for reading…So what are your thoughts on the iPhone 16? We like that whilst we are still over 6 months away from a possible release there has been lots to report on and much anticipation built up around it. There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to new changes. Could these camera changes change the way we take photos forever creating a new professional feel? Let’s wait and see.

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