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Samsung Triple Fold Phone Concept

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Feb 26, 2024

Samsung Triple Fold Phone Concept

What phone folds three times?

Many may agree that Samsung has always been ahead of the game when it comes to innovative tech. They were one of the first major companies to re-release the Samsung folding phones which was originally made popular by the Nokia flip phone and Doro flip phone, then shortly after followed it up with the Fold phone, completely changing the way we design our smartphones. And it is clear these designs do well, in fact, the Flip Series and Fold Series have both numerous editions in their series.

But now it looks like once again Samsung is trying to up the game when it comes to designing it's smartphones. And with the rumours of the Apple Flip phone now being in production plus the ongoing production of the Google Pixel fold, Samsung are as keen as ever to maintain its position ahead of the competition. There are rumours Samsung are working on a triple folding smartphone (which has no confirmed name yet), that would be the first ever of its kind setting Samsung aside from the rest completely.

So let’s look into where rumours have come from, and what this could mean for the tech industry in 2024.

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Samsung tri-fold phone release date:

This triple-folding device may also be in our hands sooner than we realise. It has also been reported Huawei is in talks of developing a triple folding smartphone after their success in folding phones, which could be revealed as early as March 2024 with further rumours we would see this model in stores end of 2024.

Samsung seem very keen on trying to match their competition, so we may see news of their folding phone release within the next few weeks although there is no information on a possible release date for this device. We assume as durability is the biggest concern for this tech it is an aspect that still needs considering and we understand why neither parties want to rush their release fully. So let's get back to what we could see from this triple folding phone.


What is the difference between Flex S and Flex G?

All we know about the Samsung triple folding phone so far is that the prototype has been nicknamed Flex S.

Flex S is a phone which folds in and out in an S shape, going from a normal phone size to a mini tablet size. It will allow users to use separate displays when folded, the device will be able to be used as a phone, tablet, AI device or any other smart tech device. Flex S has been described by lots to dramatically change the game when it comes to foldable tech and there have been rumours a second triple folding phone is in the works from Samsung nicknamed Flex G. Although there is limited knowledge of this model we can assume like Flex S that this model will be the same but fold in and out in a G motion.

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Since there is so little information on these models, it is difficult to give a full opinion on the matter. However, we can’t see a need for a three-way folding phone. Flip phones are great as they can become compact quite easily, but with this bigger version like Flex S, when folding down it will become bulky which seems impractical.

On the other hand, though, there was lots of discussion over Flip and Fold series phones being impractical, but they were exceptionally popular, so we can't completely disregard this new concept yet.

But we cannot wait to see what this tech will be like, and we will sure keep you updated as news comes out. We have plenty more reconditioned phones however, check them out now!

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