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Samsung S24 vs Samsung S23 Review

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Jan 18, 2024

Samsung S24 vs Samsung S23 Review

The Samsung S24 was revealed at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event on January 17th 2024, the same galaxy events that are held annually. It was met with mixed reviews, lots of people were happy about the new AI features but many were also confused about what significant upgrades have been made. In this blog, we are here to break down the individual specs of the Galaxy phone and the previous S23 model to see if there is any difference between the two phones.

Unsure whether to upgrade? Read our blog first before you make your decision!

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Samsung Galaxy S24 specs:

  • Release date – Pre-order from Jan 17th 2024
  • Price – from £799
  • Storage – Up to 512GB
  • Memory – 8GB
  • Front camera specs – 12MP
  • Rear camera specs – 50MP, 10MP, 12MP
  • Video resolution – UHD 8k (7680x4320)@30fps
  • Chipset - Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset
  • Screen size – 6.2”
  • Colours – Cobalt violet, amber yellow, onyx black, marble grey, sapphire blue, jade green, sandstone orange
  • Galaxy Ai - Yes


Samsung Galaxy S23 specs:

  • Release date – 17th February 2023
  • Price – From £699
  • Storage – Up to 256GB
  • Memory – 8GB
  • Front camera specs – 12MP
  • Rear camera specs – 50MP, 10MP, 12MP
  • Video resolution – 8K video recording at 30fps (7680 x 4320)
  • Chipset - Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • Screen size – 6.1”
  • Colours – Cream, phantom black, green, lavender, graphite, lime.
  • Galaxy AI - No


Phone Comparison:

So now we have looked at the two smartphones separately and considered their specs. It’s time to put this information together to determine whether the new Samsung phone 2024 is worth the upgrade. By looking at the specs, we can see that there are many upgrades to the S24, however not in aspects like the screen and camera as you’d expect. It seems this year, Samsung has focused a lot more on the integration of Galaxy AI into their tech, rather than improving the phone's cameras. The Samsung Galaxy S24 cameras are the same as the S23 model.

Internally, the memory on the S24 is also the same as the S23 whereas there has been a slight increase in storage and a change in the tech chipset. The new S24 Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset is said to boost performance and efficiency by about 25%. Externally, the screen size of the S24 is bigger, only by 0.1%, and there is also a bigger variety of colours available in the new model. This is the same for the s24 ultra Samsung, which is changing its aluminium design for titanium back like the iPhone 15 Pro.

Is Galaxy AI only on S24?

Going back to the AI addition. The Samsung S24 has introduced Galaxy AI features which will power live translation and transcript assistance. It is believed that this will also help improve performance and will now be a regular feature in all of Samsungs future smartphones. It has also been noted that whilst Galaxy AI isn’t currently available in the Galaxy S23 series, there is a possibility it will be introduced once the S24 is officially available.



Thank you so much for reading! In conclusion, at Envirofone, we think that the new 2024 model is a great smartphone option for anyone who wants to delve further and explore the world of AI more. We are also interested in taking a look at the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Its new AI features will certainly be interesting to try out, considering AI has become huge over the past couple of years and will become more common and popular in future smartphone releases. We are slightly disappointed with the lack of camera updates in this device, especially considering we will now have to wait another 12 months to get a camera update.

What do you think of the Samsung s24 vs s23? Will you be purchasing when it's available or will you stick with your older Samsung or Apple phone? Let us know in the comments! We have plenty of other Samsung electronics on our website, check them out!

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