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WWDC: What To Expect

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Apr 02, 2024

WWDC: What To Expect

What happens in WWDC?

The WWDC stands for the World Wide Developers Conference, which is an annual showcase in June held by Apple which highlights the new software tools and products we will be seeing throughout the upcoming year. This year, the conference is being held June 10th-14th and can be accessed online. There is very little we currently know about the event, but although nothing have been revealed there has already been plenty of rumours that we will be hearing plenty about the new Apple AI invention.

So quickly, let’s get into what we may expect to see from the WWDC 2024.

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What to expect from WWDC 2024?

There are 3 main aspects we are expecting to hear about at the event, Apple AI, iOS 18 and possible product launches.

  • Apple Ai – It is no secret that AI is Apple's biggest focus this year. After they officially called off their Apple Car project to specifically focus on AI advances, we know that something is coming and something is coming soon. More will be revealed on this topic later in the blog but whilst we still know very little about Apple AI, we can gather that it will be mentioned at the event and any possibility of new Apple Car news is more than likely not going to happen.
  • iOS Features – You may be wondering, when is iOS 18 coming out? With the iOS 18 update launching in less than 6 months, we assume we will hear more about this and possible features we may be seeing.
  • New Tech – Considering we got an insight into the Apple Vision Pro at the WWDC 2023 which was completely unexpected, we have no idea what we may see revealed this year. There is talk that Apple is working on new AirPods, TVs and iPads so we are expecting some further information revealed on these topics.


What we do find interesting however is the fact the event is already being nicknamed ‘Apple's Biggest Event Ever’. We are slightly sceptical on this considering Apple are infamous for hyping up their new releases and then having very few changes and features being added to the products. Whilst we are mostly excited about the Apple AI news, we hope that after the event there will be significant information to discuss. But speaking of Apple AI, let’s dive into what we currently know about it even further.


What is Apple AI?

We know that there have been talks between Google and Apple to come together and work on their AI tech advances together for a new iPhone. Google excels when it comes to AI in tech, so we would love to see how this could be taken further with the iPhone.

AI has massively taken over the tech industry in recent years, moving away from ‘who can create the most innovative and uniquely designed phone’ and leaning towards ‘who can create the device with the best software features’, it’s all about the performance and abilities of smartphones.

We are all aware that Apple hasn't been as present in the AI game in comparison to other brands like Google and Samsung. Google are very on it with their AI features which have been present in the latest few Pixel smartphones and Samsung recently released Galaxy AI, which is currently available in their most recent Galaxy model. But Apple… has been silent.

There have been rumours that Apple are planning to incorporate AI into their next iPhone and iOS update which will be released September 2024. It is rumoured that AI is being incorporated into many different Apple apps and will help make photography, contact, research, and other popular functions much simpler. There is still very little we know about Apple AI yet, as they’ve made sure to keep their developments secret, so we can’t wait for it to be uncovered!

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We will make sure to regularly keep you updated on the WWDC news and provide you a round-up of what is revealed when June arrives. Make sure to regularly check back to our blogs for frequent tech updates.

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