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Tech Rivals: Apple Vs Samsung

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Mar 08, 2024

Tech Rivals: Apple Vs Samsung

For years, Samsung and Apple have been in a constant heated battle for dominance in the tech industry, specifically focused on the smartphone market. Both big tech companies have fought with new tech releases and big news events to try and outdo each other with the newest and most creative technologies, and now they are branching out from smartphones to all kinds of tech.

So let’s take a look at the competitive history of iPhone vs Samsung, comparing Apple vs Samsung sales, products and more looking at their top rivalling moments and decide for ourselves if the competition is really helping to advance tech… or just hindering it.


Is Samsung more innovative than Apple?

The way the companies design their phones is a conversation in itself. One of the first of the competitive streaks between the two brand giants was the race to produce the first smartphone without a home button, which Samsung successfully won. The two companies battled to release their buttonless phone first, but in the end, Samsung managed to get there 7 months quicker than Apple releasing their Galaxy S8 in April 2017 whilst the iPhone X came out in November 2017. After both the phones were released, the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone had 30% higher sales compared to its previous Samsung Galaxy S7 model but it was Apple who managed to pull it back and become the best-selling smartphone in the first quarter of 2018.                                                                                                                                                                   

Moving on from 2017 and focussing on the present day, we can’t hide the fact that we are slightly disappointed that both brands seemed to have lost their originality, they seem to have become similar in terms of their design choice and seem a lot more like mid-range devices. Let’s compare the current two smartphone releases, the Samsung Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15…  

Both phones look identical sporting round corners and flat edges where the volume buttons and power buttons lie. Their circular cameras are both found at the top left of the phone, and they also are available in similar colours like lavender, yellow, silver, grey and black.

Which has better features Samsung or iPhone?

Besides design, features are another aspect of the tech competition between Apple and Samsung. The classic flip phones have recently shown huge signs of popularity, possibly thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Series which was released in 2020. And whilst it appeared like Samsung was winning the folding/flip phone race, Apple appeared to be making some catch-up progress.

After scrapping their Apple Car idea to focus on improving Apple AI and their rumoured Apple flip phone model, it is believed the production of their first flip phone was put into place, only 4 years after their competitor. This flip phone will rival the current Samsung Flip phone series, and whilst you may assume Samsung is panicking over this recent news… it seems like they have the whole situation under control.

To retaliate, it is also rumoured Samsung are making a triple folding phone and a ‘cling band’ which is a smartphone that perfectly wraps around a user’s wrist.

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Artificial Intelligence:

If you don’t know what AI is in 2024, you may be living under a rock. AI music, AI photos, AI features and AI gaming, it's everywhere! Artificial Intelligence is the latest tech trend that Samsung and Apple are both racing to keep ahead with. The Samsung S24 was released in January and saw Samsung stride ahead in the competition with Galaxy Ai soon coming to all Galaxy smart tech in late March 2024.

Samsungs goal is to bring the Galaxy AI features to more than 100 million Galaxy users this year whilst we are still awaiting Apple's AI news. But it has been confirmed Apple is working on their AI advances however, a next-generation A18 chip is being planned for the iPhone 16 Pro models and will feature an upgraded Neural Engine with plenty more cores that allow for improved AI learning performance.

We are currently awaiting further news on Apple's AI details which we believe we will hear more about in the possible upcoming Apple event towards the end of the year.


Does Apple get its tech from Samsung?

Although it does sound like Samsung has a step ahead when it comes to innovative tech, there are certain products that Apple seem to be much further ahead with. One of these is VR technology. The Apple Vision Pro released in early 2024, gaining huge popularity amongst users due to the fact it simplifies working, gaming and more. So what will Samsung do to claw back the competition?

It is rumoured Samsung is creating a rival VR headset called the Samsung XR Headset. It is assumed to be released later this year to rival the Apple Vision Pro and we will possibly see more information about it in August 2024 when the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is announced.


What are the negative effects of being competitive?

  • Releasing of products not being 100% finished.
  • Rushed production.
  • Creating unrealistic products. (Apple Cars/Triple Folding Phones)
  • Not listening to audience wants/needs.
  • Focus on impressing competition rather than the target audience.
  • Too many products are being released yearly which the audience won’t pay for.

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What do you think about the competitiveness between Samsung and Apple? Although it’s great to see tech advancing so much, sometimes it can lead to negatives like poor production and unrealistic products being created. So if you want to stick with the classic Samsung and Apple products, we have plenty on Envirofone waiting for you. We have tablets, Samsung refurbished phones, reconditioned Apple iPhones, laptops and more! So quickly, take a look now!

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