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5 ways to stop your smartphone overheating this summer

by Denise Timmis | Jun 02, 2021

5 top tips to stop your smartphone overheating this summer 


Britain's finally enjoying some warmer weather, but smartphones can't change into T-shirt and shorts. Your tech feels the heat too, so how can you keep your phone cool and happy without turning it off and missing out on something essential?

Trust the Envirofone experts to know the score. Here are our five top tips for avoiding that dreaded "help, I'm overheating" alert on your phone.


1. Keep it in the shade

OK, it's not rocket science, but keeping your phone out of direct sunlight is essential to preventing overheating. We can paste on the Factor 50, wear a sun hat and be out in the midday sun, but your phone needs to stay undercover.


2. Close your unused apps

We’re all guilty of leaving several apps running at once, but that's making your device work, and hard work is hot work. Give your busy phone a break by closing any apps you're not using and overheating's much less likely. On Android devices simply swipe up and down or left and right and shoo them away. For iPhones just double tap your home button and swipe up.


3. Remove your case

What’s the first thing you do when you’re hot? Take your jacket off. It’s the same principle for phones. Remove the case and you're giving your handset a breather, especially if you're at home and there's no risk of dropping the phone without its protective shell.


4. Change your settings

If you’re not using your phone but don’t want to turn it off, your settings offer some cool hacks. Switch to airplane mode and you can still use most functions. Reducing the screen brightness will mean your battery's working less hard, keeping the charge longer as well as helping with overheating.


5. Give it some space.

Confined spaces are hot places, so taking your phone out of your pocket is a simple way to cool things down. A lot of us also leave our phone charging under a pillow all night, but that's guaranteed to make any electronic device hot and bothered.  

What if you've tried all these tricks and your phone's still getting too hot? Chances are that means there's a technical issue and it may be time to upgrade.

In which case you're in exactly the right place, because you can sell your old phone to Envirofone and get a handy 12% extra towards an expertly refurbished replacement from our store. Start now and your new phone could be in your hand tomorrow. Find out more here.


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