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Top 10 Most Popular Apps Used In 2023

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Oct 25, 2023

Top 10 Most Popular Apps Used In 2023

It’s time for an autumn app roundup, where we take a look at 10 of the most popular mobile apps used in 2023 so far. With currently over 1.8 million apps on the app store, it’s time to filter these down to the very best! To do this, we will be looking at how well the app performed, its popularity/stats and how long the app has been available.

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Round-Up Of The Best Apps Of 2023:
  • Whatsapp
  • Temu
  • TikTok
  • Zoom
  • Monopoly Go
  • Trainline
  • CapCut
  • Pinterest
  • Just Eat
  • ChatGPT


What is the most popular app in 2023?


1- Whatsapp:

Starting with the most popular app in the UK, the most popular form of communication/social media in the UK… Whatsapp! Released in November 2009, Whatsapp is especially well known amongst Brits, with 88% of the app's users being English. But Whatsapp keeps getting more and more popular, as in the third quarter of 2023, Whatsapp received 1.8 million downloads from the UK. Can you name someone in the UK who hasn’t used this iconic app before?


2- Temu:

Second up is a very new app that has taken the UK by storm recently. And that’s Temu. Temu has been available in the UK since April 2023, being downloaded over 7 million times in the UK within the last 6 months currently making it the most popular online shopping app downloaded in the UK.


3- TikTok:

TikTok has been the worldwide most popular app for the last current years, and there is no change in 2023. The app was released internationally in September 2017 originally being called and eventually transferred completely to TikTok by the end of 2018. With over 670 million worldwide downloads in 2022 alone, TikTok users will make up just under one-third of the UK population in 2023.

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4- Zoom:

Although Zoom was released in 2013, within the last few years due to the pandemic and the growth of working from home, the app has gained popularity with over 810 million global users accessing the app in April 2023.


5- Monopoly Go:

Another app released this year that has become a huge, growing trend in Monopoly Go will be released in April 2023. Monopoly Go is currently the world's biggest mobile board game app worldwide currently sat in the top 5 free mobile game charts based on downloads in more than 100 countries. The games addictive online play is no surprise being sat so high in popularity on our list.


6- Trainline:

Although originally released in 1997 as a telephone system rather than an app, Trainline is another huge app, with over 96 million active users monthly. It finds the best combinations of tickets to help its users save money when searching for a journey. Trainline also shows a detailed breakdown of your journey and spending, so you can see how much you’ve saved. Although Trainline is a worldwide used app, almost all of its user base are in the UK.

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7- CapCut:

Along with the growth of TikTok, CapCut is another huge app that’s been growing and growing every month. Used to edit videos, specifically for TikTok, the app was created and released initially in April 2020, gaining more than 200 million users in March 2023 and growing increasingly in Europe with 51% of its users being UK-based.


8- Pinterest:

Pinterest has been around since 2009, with a website prototype being released in 2010 before being shortly removed. The app is huge being one of the most popular social media platforms in the UK in 2023, with almost 9 million of its users being from the UK. Pinterest is a great way to share photos and videos with others with similar interests, with the option to buy some products within images.

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9- Just Eat:

There are many food company/delivery apps in the UK but Just Eat takes the number one spot. Just Eat launched in 2006, and quickly became the most popular food app in the UK. With over 65 million worldwide users, most of these come from the UK.


10- ChatGPT:

Finally, another fairly new app which was released in May 2023 worldwide was ChatGPT, a new way to virtually create content and interact with AI. The app currently has over 180 million users crossing over 10 billion all-time visits, there is no doubt this app will only grow and grow, as time goes on into 2024.



Thank you so much for reading! Do you consider these apps to be the 10 best apps of 2023? Was there any you were expecting? Maybe there were some new apps that you hadn't heard of before? Make sure to try them out and let us know what you think! And whilst you’re at it, we have great offers at Envirofone, get checking our selection now!

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