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Current iOS 18 Rumours

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Feb 07, 2024

Current iOS 18 Rumours

When is iOS 18 coming out?

Every year, along with the drop of the iconic latest iPhone and Apple Watch, Apple always release their new iOS update which seems to get better and better every year. Last year iOS 17 released September 2023 and iOS 16 released the previous year in September 2022 so from what we expect the iOS 18 release date will be sometime too in September 2024.

It is believed, however, that we will get an insight into iOS 18 at the WWDC 2024, which is usually held at the start of June. So with the announcement being 4 months away and the release date being 7 months away… why are we talking about the Apple iOS 18 update now? There have been many rumours when it comes to the new update with talks of it being the ‘biggest Apple update yet’, with lots of possible update leaks being made giving us an insight into what to expect. So we have decided to let you into this sneak peek, sharing the rumours we have heard within this blog.

(Please remember all information in this blog is currently based on rumours, nothing is confirmed. Please come back for regular updates on the iOS 18 as it is announced throughout the year.)  

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What to expect from iOS 18?

There is some information that we can assume based on past iPhone upgrades. Firstly, it’s assumed the update will be free like the usual ones and found in settings on the Apple phones. It’s also believed that the iOS 18 supported devices iPhone 11 and above, being described as ‘the biggest update yet’.

There has been a lot of speculation and anticipation around this new update, with the possibility the phone will offer significant changes. One of these significant changes is the introduction of AI into Apple phones, competing against Galaxy AI which was released at the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 Event earlier this year.


What features will iOS 18 have?


  • SIRI AI – Generating text in messages, notes app and other apps.
  • Voice Assistant – Upgrade to SIRI when it comes to music, pages and keynote.
  • Apple GPT – Rivalling ChatGPT, which took the world by storm in 2022, the Apple AI may include a chatbot and image-generating AI.

(It was noted that Apple put a one-week pause on the development of the new iOS18 features to fix some bugs, so some of the new features that were going to be included may have now been scrapped. So we are unsure of what other updates there could be.)


Features brought from iOS17:

  • Contact posters
  • Live voicemail
  • Stickers
  • Journal
  • Interactive widgets

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Thank you so much for reading! So what do you think? We saw some big changes when it came to iOS 17 and now Apple are promising to make it even greater! We are almost guaranteed to see the introduction of AI in the Apple phones, now that most of its competitors are doing the same, but will they exceed expectations or just copy the rest of the competition? Make sure to come back to our blog, we will have frequent updates on the iOS 18 news, so you get the exclusive scoop!

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